Kitten abandoned under sweltering summer sun taken in by Good Samaritan

Lavender was just a few weeks old when she was separated from her mom and siblings. She was found all alone in the sweltering summer heat.

But thanks to her rescuers, Lavender is now living the life of a cool kitty. Lavender was born in someone’s backyard.

She was discovered by a Good Samaritan who noticed that her mom and the rest of her little had disappeared.

Under the summer sun

The overheated kitten was sprawled out on her back and lying in the sun. The nice human who found her called over to the Front Street Animal Shelter for help.

They were able to give her bottle feedings around the clock, despite her sassy attitude. The tiny furball was feral and was hissing something fierce at her rescuers.

Once she was fed and cleaned, she started to relax a bit in her new surroundings. However, she still wasn’t fond of the humans around her.

They definitely caught the wrath of her little baby claws. Thankfully, there was a staff member who was up for the job of handling all of Lavender’s cattitude.

“I’ve had a rough few weeks losing two special fosters, so one of my coworkers walked over and held her up in front of me. I knew I was taking her home to foster instantly,” Front Street Animal Shelter Public Information Officer Haley Waugh told Love Meow.

Heartbeats for comfort

Waugh just popped Lavender in the front pocket of her overalls which instantly calmed the kitty down. Waugh knew that her heartbeat would soothe Lavender and remind her of her mom.

All that cattitude went out the door the next morning once Lavender realized her foster mom was going to feed her and take good care of her. Waugh was by Lavender’s side 24-7 to make sure she was bottle fed on schedule and that Lavender felt safe and loved.

“Now when she hears my voice she perks up and wobbles her way over to me. She puffs up all her fur and enthusiastically scrabbles for her bottle,” Haley said.

This quirky kitty, who wiggles her ears when she eats, started becoming cozier within a few days. Waugh has also helped Lavender gain the confidence to explore the world around her.

“She’s such a sweet and curious little kitten already. She’s so interested in what’s around her and is always paying attention to me,” Waugh said.

Lavender is expected to grow into a floofy grey cat, but for now, she’s being perfectly pampered in the loving care of her foster mom.

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