Don’t forget to celebrate International Cat Day on the 8th of August!

In celebration of our feline friends, International Cat Day is held annually on August 8th to commemorate the world’s unconditional love for our cat companions.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare launched International Cat Day in 2002. The celebration’s goal is to encourage cat owners and the general public to take better care of these animals.

Likewise, animal associations and shelters can take advantage of this special day to increase awareness about cat adoption and the benefits of sterilizing cats—especially given that summer usually coincides with a surge in pet abandonment.

Additionally, this celebration provides an opportunity for cat enthusiasts – to demonstrate their love of kittens on social media by submitting clips or images.

Cat-lovers of the world unite

Cats are so beloved that they have spawned national cat days across the globe which are held on various dates throughout the year. For example, people celebrate their cats in Italy and Brazil on February 17th.

The Japanese, who are very fond of moggies, honor them on February 22nd. As for the United States, National Cat Day falls on October 29th, right before the Halloween festivities.

The month of August isn’t just for cats in general. August 17th marks International Black Cat Day. The purpose of this day is to bring attention to the plight of black cats, who are often shunned and rejected due to folklore surrounding their distinctive coat color.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) reports that black cats are more likely than other cats to be abandoned by their owners: 70% of cats found on the streets are black.

Why are cats so beloved?

Do you know folks who are devoted to their cats in their personal or professional lives? Your heart may even be amazed by how much love and affection you have for your pet.

There’s nothing complicated about it! Cats despite some misconceptions are affectionate and lovable animals that bring happiness and support to their owners daily.

The presence of a cat in our home has been scientifically proven to greatly benefit morale, mental health, and physical well-being.

Cat-inspired styles

It is not uncommon for people to express their appreciation and affection for cats in other ways, such as through the language they use, the clothing they wear, or the interior design they use.

Personalizing texts, emails, business cards, and invitation cards with cat GIFs or prints of their muse is typical for cat lovers.

Kawaii-style cat and kitten prints can also be found on clothing and accessories like pendants and earrings—for instance, brands like Hello Kitty play on this cute aesthetic.

It’s not uncommon for cat lovers to go so far as to decorate their homes with mementos and artwork of their beloved feline friends.

In our daily lives, cats have a special place that deserves to be celebrated on this day!

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