It’s a cat’s life on this goat farm in Maine

Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine, USA, is a sustainable goat farm that is also home to three sweet farm cats, Phil, Roger, and Virginia.

Virginia has been around for a while, and Phil and Roger were brought to the farm as kittens in the summer of 2021.

Phil and Roger are also brothers, and although their parentage is not known, Phil looks like he has some blue point Siamese markings, whereas Roger looks very much like a Nebelung.

Oddly enough the two brothers also have bobtails, which their owner confirmed in a comment on one of their posts.

This is a trait not usually seen in either breed, which means they are likely a mix of a few different kinds.

Two kitten brothers, one is white and grey and the other is fully grey.
Phil and Roger just a month or so after they were brought to live on the farm. Pic credit: @sunflowerfarmcreamery/Instagram.

Working cats

Cats are always good to have on any farm, they make great pest exterminators and they are pretty low maintenance as far as pets go.

Sunflower Farm Creamery found that there are even more benefits to having cats around too.

A Siamese cat sits in a barn with goats behind him.
Phil watches over the goats behind him, one of which was in labor! Pic credit: @sunflowerfarmcreamery/Instagram.

Virginia, Phil, and Roger make great companions for goats and humans alike.

White and grey mixed breed cat sleeping on top of a long haired grey cat.
Seeing Phil and Roger all cuddled up would brighten anyone’s day. Pic credit: @sunflowerfarmcreamery/Instagram.

They keep watch for any trouble that might arise, help “discipline” the farmyard puppies, make sure any extra goat milk is used up, and attend to their cuddle duties with great care.

It’s clear these cats take their work very seriously. The owner of Sunflower Farm Creamery said:

“Our older double pawed cat Virginia and tailless brothers Roger and Phil are an essential part of our farm landscape!”

Farm, sweet farm

Some rescue centers have set up programs that encourage farmers to adopt cats to live on their farms with them. And places like Sunflower Farm Creamery show how it’s done.

The cats aren’t in any danger of hurting themselves on big machinery, they are well looked after by their owners, and have the wide open space of the land around them to explore.

This setup would be ideal for feral or unsocial cats in particular, allowing them to be themselves and still be cared for.

As Virginia, Phil, and Roger show, living on a farm isn’t a bad way to spend one of your nine lives.

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