Meet Samson: who is officially the biggest cat in New York City!

A Maine Coon cat named Samson has earned a special title in New York City. Since 2016, the Guinness Book of Records has recognized the kitty as the city’s biggest cat.

Ten-year-old Samson certainly deserves his title, this impressive feline weighs no less than twenty-eight pounds and measures an impressive four feet.

Jonathan Zurbel, the giant cat’s owner, keeps a close eye on Samson. However, the Williamsburg music producer insists that his pet’s build is natural and that Samson is in excellent health.

Samson’s veterinarian confirmed Zurbel’s claims, stating that the cat was not obese but just a natural giant. Eight years ago, Jonathan was given the feline by his brother who had bought the pussy cat from a breeder in New Jersey with his then-girlfriend.

After the relationship ended in early 2014, Samson moved in with Jonathan. Until 2016, Samson was only nineteen pounds, but he experienced an unexpected growth spurt.

That same year, Samson was awarded the title of New York’s Biggest Cat by the Guinness Book of World Records and was running for the world title.

As a result of his new status, the calico cat gained notoriety and he and Jonathan Zurbel made many news and television appearances.

A gentle giant

Despite his massive size, Samson is agile and loves to play. His owner told the New York Post:

“He plays an excellent game of fetch, and he follows me from room to room and lays nearby, much like a dog,”

On the other hand, walking on a leash is out of the question for Samson, so instead, Zurbel pushes him in a green pet stroller around Brooklyn.

Whenever the calico cat is out and about, he becomes the center of attention. Zurbel claims that most people assume he’s pushing a child in the stroller until they spot the fur. Similarly, onlookers tend to ask if Samson is a bobcat.

Caring for Samson requires much investment. One can of food daily and four pounds of litter a week are the norm for the Maine Coon. Moreover, Samson takes a monthly trip to the salon for a grooming session, each costing $120.

However, his owner believes that his pet is worth the hassle, the music producer is convinced Samson changed his life for the better.

Besides, the cat is the perfect wingman to catch the attention of the ladies, as Zurbel explained:

” I can’t tell you how many girls want to come over and meet him. He is 100% playboy, and he gets me a lot of dates and admirers, he’s priceless to me. I love him.”

Fans of the giant calico cat can follow his adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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