Group swoops in to help very pregnant mom safely give birth to her kittens

When a Brisbane, AU resident needed a hand with their cat who was about to give birth, Best Friends Felines stepped in to help. Rico was able to safely deliver and wean her litter of kittens in their care.

Rico was extremely pregnant when was taken in by the Best Friends Felines’ Last Litter Program. The program takes is aimed at helping pet owners with pregnant cats. Their cat is taken in by a foster who helps her to deliver and raise her babies. Once the babies are weaned, the mom is neutered and sent back home.

Her babies are then adopted into forever homes. At first, the momma cat was a little unnerved being away from her home where she planned to give birth. It took her about 48 hours to get comfortable with the staff before she welcomed their pets and belly rubs.

Labor of love

Plus, they had really good food and toys to play with. So, it wasn’t a bad deal for Rico.

The soon-to-be momma cat was waddling around their facility and still able to jump up in a cat tree despite her massive pregnant belly.

But a few days later, she was ready for labor. Rico gave birth to six healthy little babies in about three hours.

Rico went right into mom mode feeding her babies and licking them clean. While her babies leaned on her, Rico leaned on the staff at Best Friends Felines for affection and moral support.

“She loves her cuddles and will come for pats, but rushes back to the babies if they make a peep as she is a wonderful and attentive mother,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines told Love Meow.

Rico stayed in her little nest for an entire week. She refused to leave her kittens’ side and had food brought to her.

This way, she could eat in her nest area while feeding her babies. She eventually started venturing out of the nest on her own, leaving the kitties in their cuddle puddle.

“At seven days old, all six kittens had the cutest chunky little round bellies,” Nikki said. “Their eyes were just starting to open eager to see the world, but they were not up to much just yet.”

It wasn’t long before they graduated from “wriggly jelly beans” into tiny kittens. That’s when they learned how to zoom around and get into a little trouble.

“Their personalities are showing more and more, and we have some very snuggly babies emerging, between their bouts of crazy play, sprinting across the room, and darting up the cat tree,” Nikki said.

Rico time

As for Rico, she’s happy to have her me-time when the kittens are playing. She loves to hang out with the staff and get some attention for herself before they wake up.

Once the kittens are ready to be adopted, they will each have a new forever home set up for them. Momma Rico will be spayed and returned back home with her original owner.

Meanwhile, the folks at Best Friends Feline will keep doing what they do and helping cats and kittens in need. Learn more at

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