Family adopts kitten found in a woodpile

This family had plenty of animals on their 125-acre farm property, but they weren’t expecting to find a kitten.

One day Elizabeth Stuart found her sons staring at a woodpile. When she came closer, she saw that there was a tiny kitten hiding and meowing among the logs.

The kitten was small and skinny. Elizabeth could tell that it was a stray and that it would need a family to take care of it. The kitten especially needed a friend.

Elizabeth’s youngest son, Caleb, spent some time gently calling to the cat and coaxing it out of the woodpile. Once he got the kitten to come out, the two of them connected instantly. He and the kitten were already best friends, so of course they would have to adopt her.

Mrs. Puffington

Caleb named the kitten Mrs. Puffington, since she had looked like just a little puffball among the logs in the woodpile. Now that she was out of the pile, she still looked so sweet and fluffy.

In a post on her Instagram page, Elizabeth talked about Mrs. Puffington and welcomed her as the newest addition to their family.

Once the kitten was with her new family, she started to get stronger and more confident. Later, in an interview with the Dodo, Elizabeth said:

“Mrs. Puffington is now thriving, not just surviving. She is very curious and loves to play and snuggle.”


Elizabeth gave another Instagram update on September 2nd. Mrs. Puffington is much better now, gaining some weight and more brightness in her fur.

Elizabeth plans to bring the kitten into the vet for her first checkup very soon. She’s confident that Mrs. Puffington will do very well, since she’s no longer the scared, hiding kitten that she was when the Stuarts found her.

Caleb is still the kitten’s best friend. He plays with her every day after coming home from school, using toys that he made out of some simple string and feathers. Mrs. Puffington loves playing with him and comes running when he calls her name.

Kitten adopts her family

Although Elizabeth’s sons found Mrs. Puffington in the woodpile, Elizabeth likes to think that the kitten actually found them. She says:

“She’s the sweetest addition to the farm and we’re so glad she adopted us!”

Since their property is so large, they have no idea where the kitten came from. But wherever that was, it is clear that Mrs. Puffington found the right family to take care of her and the right boy to be her best friend.

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