Pregnant cat finally gives birth in a safe place after living on the streets for years

When rescuers from Chatons Orphelins Montreal took her in, they didn’t realize they saved not only Anika but the two babies in her belly as well.

Anika was extremely thin when she was found living on a remote farm with a group of other cats. Rescuers later learned that Anika was pregnant and very small for a cat that was 7-years-old.

It is believed that Anika likely had several litters during her lifespan of living outdoors. When Anika arrived at her foster home, she was taken to the “maternity suite” which was drastically unlike anywhere she’d given birth before.

The maternity suite

The suite featured amenities like a supply of fresh water and plenty of food to munch on throughout the day. It was also a place where Anika could feel comfortable and get lots of rest.

It was the first time Anika ever had a safe place to give birth. Anika was shy around humans since she hadn’t had much contact with them while living outdoors.

Slowly, Anika gained weight and became more comfortable with the humans around her. Her belly also got more prominent as her birth date came closer.

“Anika gave birth to two babies one day without warning, and the kittens latched onto her and started eating like champs. In just 24 hours, they both put on weight,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins MontrealĀ told Love Meow. “There are two boys, Albus (black) and Arlow (tabby), and they are the lucky ones who have been born inside a safe home.”

The baby boys

Since Anika had litters before, she was a pro mom. She made sure they were well-fed and clean. Once the newborns were old enough, Anika eventually taught them how to eat from a bowl instead of her.

They learned how to play and be cats. Albus and Arlow were healthy and hitting all their milestones. They also developed their own unique personalities.

“Arlow is fearless and can get along with anyone. As soon as you pick him up, he goes limp like a ragdoll and falls asleep in your arms,” Celine said. “Albus likes to carry his toy in his mouth and run around with it. He is more gentle and calm and likes to follow in his brother’s footsteps in his mischief-making. He purrs like a tractor and loves all the cuddles.”

Anika and her sons are just one big fluffy family. She’s delighted to have a safe home after living outdoors for seven years. Albus and Arlow are currently up for adoption and looking to find their forever family. You can get updates on Albus, Arlow, and Chatons Orphelins Montreal on Facebook.

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