Three-legged cat playing with ball

Stray three-legged cat adopted and given a home before winter

When this person found a stray three-legged kitten, they knew they had to help her, especially before winter came and the weather got too cold. They adopted her immediately to provide a home for her. Three-legged stray This person posted about the kitten’s story on Reddit. They said the kitten was friendly, and she let … Read more

Kitten with shaved stomach after surgery

This sick kitten miraculously recovered, like a phoenix rising from the ashes

This kitten was in poor shape when she arrived at the shelter. She was about to be euthanized, but people saw the potential in this kitten and decided to put in the hard work to save her. The kitten survived through her surgery and is doing much better now, like a phoenix rising from the … Read more

Stray cat gets a new position as mascot

Stray cat, regularly visiting a printing shop, becomes the store’s mascot

In the United Arab Emirates, a stray cat found benefactors in a printing business. The moggy became so regular at the shop that the owners had to adopt him officially. Tom, the ginger kitten, is now a recognizable figure in the neighborhood, charming clients and online fans alike. Once a lone wanderer, Tom began coming … Read more

Volunteer takes in rescue kittens found in cat colony

Woman helping a feral cat colony in Ohio spares no effort to save three newborn kitties dumped outside

An animal lover caring for a feral cat colony found three newborn kitties in the pack. To save these rescue kittens, she had to provide additional resources and care. Dona is a determined animal welfare advocate. Hailing from Ohio, the woman takes care of more than 140 neighborhood cats.  She takes care of them by … Read more

Team rescues a cat trapped on rooftop for months

A cat stuck for months on the roof of a 22-story building finally gets the help he needs

An unfortunate stray cat spent months stranded on top of a 22-stories urban high-rise. One of the building residents finally staged a rescue to assist the feline. In an apartment complex, a woman living on the last floor had to deal with an upsetting sound from the roof. The woman would regularly hear a cat … Read more

Two kittens, both missing their right eye

Two foster kittens Peach and Daisy get more playful after their eye surgeries

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy were two kittens with serious eye problems. After a month in foster care and some successful eye surgeries, they are now in the process of being adopted. A pair of one-eyed kittens Peach and Daisy were found as strays and brought to the shelter. They each had one eye that … Read more

A tabby kitten sits on shoulder of woman

This sweet five-week-old stray kitten was discovered in the tire wheel of a parked car

While in the streets of Brooklyn, a woman discovered a five-week-old stray kitten in the tire wheel of a parked car. When Dana, a fosterer for Brooklyn Animal Action, went to get a trap to retrieve the cat safely, the kitten escaped from her hiding place and walked right up to her. After double-checking to … Read more