Two kittens, both missing their right eye

Two foster kittens Peach and Daisy get more playful after their eye surgeries

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy were two kittens with serious eye problems. After a month in foster care and some successful eye surgeries, they are now in the process of being adopted. A pair of one-eyed kittens Peach and Daisy were found as strays and brought to the shelter. They each had one eye that … Read more

A tabby kitten sits on shoulder of woman

This sweet five-week-old stray kitten was discovered in the tire wheel of a parked car

While in the streets of Brooklyn, a woman discovered a five-week-old stray kitten in the tire wheel of a parked car. When Dana, a fosterer for Brooklyn Animal Action, went to get a trap to retrieve the cat safely, the kitten escaped from her hiding place and walked right up to her. After double-checking to … Read more