Kitten in a woodpile

Family adopts kitten found in a woodpile

This family had plenty of animals on their 125-acre farm property, but they weren’t expecting to find a kitten. One day Elizabeth Stuart found her sons staring at a woodpile. When she came closer, she saw that there was a tiny kitten hiding and meowing among the logs. The kitten was small and skinny. Elizabeth … Read more

missing cat found in solidarity effort

A master recovers his missing cat after four months thanks to a collective mobilization

For four months, a cat dad feverishly sought his missing black cat, Nutty. She had escaped from her family and never came back. In the face of this vanishing, Philippe Piveron started a Facebook group to help him locate his pet. After the group attracted attention, this story got a positive outcome due to an … Read more

A ginger tabby sits on a wicker cat tree

A lost cat is discovered to be hiding out just fifty feet away in the house next door

Pet owners likely rank the prospect of losing their companions among their greatest concerns. But occasionally, they are blessed with a happy ending. That was the case for Stewart Thomas who could not find his beloved cat. The man assumed his cat was lost forever, yet the animal was closer than he thought. The media … Read more