Firefighter swoops in to catch cat after it jumped from a 32-ft. tree

MFS Firefighter Matthew’s experience playing football came in handy when a kitten jumped from a 32-ft. tree. With his skill, he was able to catch the kitten in his arms and bring it to safety.

RSPCA South Australia (SA) got word that a kitten made a mad dash across a busy road before climbing up a 32-ft. tree. RSPCA SA volunteer Mel knew she’d have to call for backup on this one.

So, she reached out to the local fire brigade for help. The two organizations often work together for these difficult kinds of rescues.

Like a football

A firefighter was sent up in a cherry picker to reach the terrified kitten in the tree. The firefighter got close and was just about to reach for the kitten when the scared tabby jumped from the tree branch.

There was a whole crowd of bystanders who all gasped in horror. Thankfully, Matthew’s athleticism kicked in. He was able to catch the kitten in his arms like a football.

The crowd cheered as Mel moved in to make sure the kitty was OK. The kitten was named Fireman Sam and taken in by the RSPCA SA to be cared for.

The kitten had some minor scrapes and a sore leg but was otherwise just rattled. After his nerves settled, Fireman Sam was found to be a very sweet and affectionate kitten.

The kitten’s story ended up going viral, and his caretakers knew he would have no trouble finding a forever home. Taylor was looking to adopt a cat and found the kitty on the RSPCA SA’s website.

She had no idea of the cat’s celebrity status when they when to go meet Fireman Sam, who was renamed Marlo, at the Lonsdale shelter. Taylor immediately fell in love with Marlo and knew she wanted him to join her family.

Once Marlo’s leg healed, he became quite the active cat. He absolutely loves playing and has tons of new toys to have fun with. He also likes watching the birds outside on his very own catio.

Like a king

“Since finding his furever home, Marlo has recovered from his high-flying incident, and is now getting the love he deserves from his new family. He is a very spoilt boy, and loves looking at birds, eating and playing with his pawrent,” the RSPCA SA wrote on their Facebook page. “We’re so glad that Marlo was able to find his perfect forever home.”

After everything he’s been through, he deserves to live like a king. His mom is more than happy to see her boy living the good life.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better cat,” Taylor told RSPCA SA.

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