Cat’s hilarious reaction to mom doing TikTok dance gets over 15 million views

Puma doesn’t get TikTok. His reaction to his mom trying to do a TikTok dance with her friends was so hilarious it ended up going viral.

The video shows three women, one in an animal onesie, hoping to and fro to some music.

Puma immediately comes into frame and starts peering into the camera. He seems more interested in the phone until he hears some commotion behind him.

What in the…

That’s when Puma looks behind him to see what all the ruckus was about. When he turns back around, it seems as if he deeply regretted having to see what he saw.

Poor Puma’s eyes go wide, and he looks totally bewildered by just what the heck is going on.

It’s probably a similar reaction to how most older people look when they first discover TikTok. But like a train wreck, Puma can’t look away.

So, he takes a peek behind him once again, only to return with the same baffled expression. Puma seems quite alarmed at this point.

“He must have been aware something was happening,” Puma’s mom, Mariasha Pinchuk, told Newsweek. “As you can see, he started looking at us and at the camera, searching for a reason for the sounds and our behavior. I think he was shocked and thought it was another game.”

The video of Puma’s reaction to the TikTok dance was viewed more than 15.5 million times! Pinchuk, says that her 3-year-old cat is very “gentle, playful, and aware.

“He has always been unique, thanks to his funny behavior,” she said. “He likes to be with people, and when guests come, he always sits next to them and tries to get their attention. In our house, he is a member of the family. Everyone loves him very much.”

Pinchuk reports immediately falling in love with Puma when she first laid eyes on him.

Falling in love with Puma

“When I went to get a kitten, he was the one who clung to my sweater so tightly. We have been together ever since then,” she said. “Puma is empathetic, he understands the tone of my voice and when he gets angry or annoyed, you can negotiate with him. He also has a favorite toy – a small octopus that always ends up in my boyfriend’s slipper.”

This was one of Pinchuk’s first attempts at doing a viral TikTok dance trend. She said she was completely shocked by how many people have viewed the video.

“Everyone likes cats, and it’s such a spontaneous thing to have happened. You could never have planned it,” she said. “The improvised antics of cats always lift the mood. I am glad that we were able to give smiles to people.”

You can follow more of Puma’s antics on TikTok @mariashapinchuk.

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