French Police find € 14500 in a cat litter box after a routine drug search

The French authorities have uncovered a stockpile of fourteen thousand euros hidden in a cat’s litter box.

During a search of the residence of a lady, age 50, suspected of possessing illegal substances, the police in Gournay, Oise, discovered the bounty stashed in the cat’s area.

On Wednesday, October 12, unanticipated events occurred in the Gournay neighborhood, located five hundred kilometers southeast of Paris. For a police anti-drugs unit, it was initially a banal morning.

This unit was conducting a routine inspection sweep when one of the dogs trained to detect drugs stopped in front of a vehicle. Following the procedure, The law enforcement personnel examined the car.

After the officers discovered cannabis inside the vehicle, they looked for the owner: it was a woman in her fifties. A law enforcement official observes that the citizen appeared ordinary, like the everyman.

Even more surprising was the fact that this lady had no previous record of criminal activity.

The police concluded that the appropriate course of action was to investigate the owner’s residence. Therefore, they conducted an additional search in her home at Nogent-sur-Oise.

 In the apartment, they found more narcotics, approximately 370 grams of cannabis, in the form of resin and grass.

The cannabis was stored in bags and strewn around the house in various locations. Yet the police agents had got another thing coming.

They found an unexpected stash of cash, 14,500 euros hidden in the litter box for the family cat in the living room. The money was discovered in big banknotes next to a pack of cannabis.

The cat litter box owner is convicted

As a result, the law enforcement agents brought the woman to the local police station. When the entry staff performed the usual search on the suspect, there were in for another surprise.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the lady was carrying 2500 euros in cash.

On Thursday, October 13, this first offender was referred to the Senlis prosecutor’s office. The attorney opted for a guilty plea known as an appearance on prior recognition of guilt (CRPC).

The woman was found guilty of illegally obtaining, possessing, transporting, and offering or transferring controlled narcotics.

Considering the woman’s clean record and age, the judge gave her a nine-month prison sentence with a two-year probationary period. As for the money, it was put into protective custody.

And to think a feline was relieving itself on a small fortune. Lucky moggy!

This case is reminiscent of a story about hidden drugs in cat litter. Cats seem to hold a special place in narcotraffic.

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