The Cat Walk, a virtual event to help stray cats

Pet insurance firm holds the Cat Walk to raise money for animal shelters

This weekend, an event was held for the benefit of homeless cats. Agria, a French pet insurance company, hosted “La Balade des Chats.” Free, supportive and digital, this event allowed the public to donate to overcrowded refuges. Thus, the insurer committed to donating 5 euros per participant to an animal shelter. It’s 2022, and abandonment … Read more

Cash foudn in cat litter box in France

French Police find € 14500 in a cat litter box after a routine drug search

The French authorities have uncovered a stockpile of fourteen thousand euros hidden in a cat’s litter box. During a search of the residence of a lady, age 50, suspected of possessing illegal substances, the police in Gournay, Oise, discovered the bounty stashed in the cat’s area. On Wednesday, October 12, unanticipated events occurred in the … Read more

Cat supposedly euthanized shows uo two months later

A cat officially euthanized reappears unexpectedly on social media eight weeks after

The following tale is the type of misadventure no pet owner ever wants to go through. A cat officially euthanized by her veterinarian in Hyeres, France, somehow resurfaced two months later on social media, to her owner’s confusion. Two-year-old puss Macha brought happiness to her family until a horrific event happened. In May 2022, the … Read more

kitten rescued in Rodourouu stadium

A kitten in distress is rescued by volunteers in a French soccer stadium

On July 28, a cat was discovered stuck in a sewer in a stadium in Guingamp, France. To help the kitten, a remarkable rescue operation was carried out without a hitch. Pierre Henry-Dufeil is a tour guide at the Roudourou soccer stadium in Guingamp, a commune in Northwestern France. During summer, he leads groups of … Read more

Stray cat approaches woman on the street and she adopts him

Starving stray cat accosts woman in town to finally find a home

A woman was walking the streets when a stray black cat approached her and tried to climb into her arms. From then, both their lives changed for the best. The passerby adopted the black moggy. Léa, a French woman, was out downtown with friends when the group heard some noise nearby. One of Léa’s pals … Read more

Missing cat reappears after fifteen months

Cat returned home to Côtes-d’Armor after being gone for 15 long months

After vanishing 130 kilometers away from home, a black house cat eventually made his way back fifteen months later. His family, stunned by the feline reappearance, shared the fantastic tale. The once-lost pet returned to his hometown Ploumagoar, France, in September 2021 after a long journey across the Finistère region. Like his namesake, the famous … Read more

missing cat found in solidarity effort

A master recovers his missing cat after four months thanks to a collective mobilization

For four months, a cat dad feverishly sought his missing black cat, Nutty. She had escaped from her family and never came back. In the face of this vanishing, Philippe Piveron started a Facebook group to help him locate his pet. After the group attracted attention, this story got a positive outcome due to an … Read more

Cats in classrooms, a new approach to teaching

A French school lets cats in classrooms for calmer, happier pupils

Cat cafes, cat arcades, cat in bookstores… Felines have made their way into every aspect of our lives, so why not in the classrooms? That’s the approach taken by an independent elementary school in France. The Candide school in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France, incorporated kittens into the school so the pupils, aged 6 to 15, could be … Read more

A calico cat sits on a balcony.

A French man has started a Gofundme page for his brave cat who fell from the third floor

A cat owner from Metz, France, has issued a plea for help on the fundraising portal Gofundme.  Yaeden Piel is struggling to pay for the surgery of his cat, who has two fractured legs. On July 25th 2022, the young man stated in the fundraiser’s description: “Greetings, my name is Yaeden. I’m 21 years old … Read more

A calico cat looking up at the lens.

Animal Rescue Center goes to great lengths to find a home for a cat being separated from their elderly owner

Having to part ways with a beloved one is a choice that no one wants to make! However, this is the horrific experience that some elderly people must experience when they go to a retirement home. An elderly lady is currently facing this dilemma. The woman has to relocate in September but refuses to leave … Read more