Ritz, the cat who returned after a sixteen-year absence, passed away in his home

Last summer, the story of a grey tabby cat named Ritz made the news nationwide. His owners finally found this grey moggy who ran away sixteen years ago in Delaware.

The feline unbelievable journey had brought him the attention of a large number of media outlets. He appeared in newspaper articles and was prominently featured in regional news broadcasts.

Ritz had just been back home for a few months when he passed away. The Delaware Online reported the tabby cat passed away in his sleep.

Feline stories are dime a dozen but Jason McKenry’s pet will certainly be remembered.

When he was just two years old, Ritz vanished in 2006 from Jason’s apartment in bear, Delaware.  His owner spared no effort to find the pet, posting flyers and browsing the neighborhood.

After a search that lasted several months, the young guy was unable to find his friend despite his best attempts.

Years later, Jason wed his longtime sweetheart, Liz. The newlyweds uprooted their family and moved to Annapolis, Maryland, where they now reside with two young children and their pets.

In 2020, a woman named Emily Russell discovered Ritz and took him home, believing he was a stray. She cherished and cared for the grey senior cat, even renaming him Tom.

This year Emily Russel had to bring the grey cat to a vet because he had damaged both of his rear legs. Before doctors had to put him down, an attentive vet discovered that the puss had an ID chip in his shoulder.

Through the chip, they contacted the McKinleys. Thus, in April 2022, long after Jason McKinley had given up hope of ever seeing his puss, the grey cat resurfaced.

Ritz the cat has peaceful last days

When Liz and Jason McKenry heard the news, they were both taken aback. At the reunion, Jason couldn’t hold back his tears

After his unanticipated reappearance, Ritz relocated to the residence of Jason McKenry’s mother-in-law. Caroline Clark, Liz’s mother, took care of Ritz for the last five months of his life, although he maintained regular contact with his owners.

Caroline Clark discovered the brave cat lifeless in the living room on the morning of September 29th, a Thursday.

While he had led a stray life for countless years, Ritz spent his final days loved and in a safe place. His owners will never forget him.

And thanks to the internet, his tale has spread beyond borders. What an eventful life for a cat!

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