Friendly cat wanders into a person’s house and asks for attention

This person got a big surprise when a cat wandered into his house one day. She wasn’t even his own cat, but she sure was friendly!

Friendly cat

Have you ever met a super friendly cat? Maybe you were out on a walk in your neighborhood and a cat approached you, asking for attention. For cat lovers, this is a dream come true, since we get to meet a new friend.

This person got to meet a friendly cat one day, but this case was a little unusual. This brave cat decided to walk right into the person’s house to explore and make herself comfortable.

The person posted about the cute story on Reddit. He explained that he had just come back from the store and was unloading groceries, when “a certain friendly creature” decided to waltz right through the open door and into his house like she owned the place.

It wasn’t his cat, but he appreciated her friendliness anyway. He stopped to pet the sweet kitty, and it definitely made his day.

Making herself at home

The cat had never stopped by before, but today she took her opportunity and made herself right at home, exploring and begging for attention as much as she wanted. The person said:

“She had the audacity to walk right into my room (on the ground floor) and just started lounging on the mats!”

Where did she come from?

The person wasn’t sure where the cat came from, but she was very friendly. She looked healthy, and she also had a very well-groomed coat, with beautifully shiny silver fur. It was clear that wherever she came from, she was well taken care of. The person said:

“I assume she belongs to a neighbor or something. It just really surprised me how much she wanted to explore my house.”

Attention-seeking kitties

Some cats really are that friendly. While others are more aloof and standoffish, cats like this one are very bold and will ask for attention from strangers if they want it.

Apparently, they will also walk into your house if they feel inclined to do so. Cats do what they want, and most of the time we let them!

It’s not too bad in this case. This person got to meet a new, adorable friend.

Do you wish that a random cat would wander into your house? We certainly do! We love cats, and we enjoy making friends with them in any way we can.

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