Two cats love exploring strange places, including inside the fridge

Cats love to explore, and sometimes we find them in the strangest places. These two kitties are your average curious cats, and they love to explore everywhere, even inside the fridge!

Explore everything!

These two cats, Nagi and Karma, love to explore the strangest places. Their owner posted a picture on Reddit of them inside the fridge. The caption says:

“Must explore everything!”

Usually cats like warm places. They like to curl up and take naps in sunbeams. But these two adventurous kitties decided to explore a colder area of the house.

Cats in the fridge

Their owner didn’t mean to let them in the fridge. She just opened the door to get something, and all of a sudden the cats had jumped inside and made themselves comfortable. Their owner said:

“[I] just opened the door and the little gremlins jumped inside. They do the same thing when I open the washer/dryer or run a bath.”

So Nagi and Karma have a history of exploring in strange places. Imagine trying to do laundry or take a bath, and suddenly you have two cats to deal with. It might be annoying to some people, but the owner of these cats is used to it and has accepted it as part of their bold personalities.

Of course, their owner does make sure to double-check that there aren’t any cats inside before starting the laundry or closing the fridge. She is extra careful to make sure her adventurous kitties stay safe.

Cuddles all the time

Besides being very brave and curious, Nagi and Karma are affectionate kitties. Their owner said:

“The only time they don’t want cuddles, kisses, or any form of attention is when I’m taking a shower. Even then, they happily purr on the ledge waiting for me. They even hop in the bath and just purr and snuggle while looking like a wet rat.”

Cat sleeps on a person's hand
Karma cuddles with her owner. Pic credit: u/Sugarnut96/Reddit

The cats even like to join their owner when she’s on the toilet, a habit that she thinks is very odd. She said that they like to sit on her lap and even start purring and sleeping.

They just jump back on her lap if she tries to move them, and if she leaves them outside the door, they claw at it, eager to be let in. These cats certainly love to be around their owner!

Karma the kisser

Karma is especially affectionate. Her owner described her as a “kisser.” She spends hours licking her owner’s face.

You might think a cat would get tired of that after a while, but Karma the kisser can keep going as long as she wants.

These cats just love to be a part of their owner’s life. Sometimes that and their curiosity leads them to explore and nap in some pretty strange places, but their owner keeps them safe and loves their adventurous personalities.

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