Clinic sets up room for 20 ginger cats rescued from a hoarding situation

Welcome to the ginger cats room! This cat clinic set aside a large room for these 20 cats that came from a hoarding house, and most of these are gingers. Any volunteer who sets foot in the room will see nothing but orange!

A room full of ginger cats

It’s a little out of the ordinary for the clinic to have so many of the same kind of cat in one room. The other rooms are mixed, but since all these ginger cats came from the same place, the clinic decided to place them all together. Now they have a room of almost entirely ginger kitties!

The clinic relies on the donations from kind-hearted people to furnish the room and provide food and water for the cats. The cats are very happy with all the food, toys, and space they have. They love to lounge on the cat trees that are provided for them. The person who posted about the cats on Reddit said:

“Unfortunately not all the cats get a whole room to themselves, but our ginger friends got lucky in that sense.”

Cleaning the room

They’re definitely living the dream. After coming from a hoarding house, which probably didn’t provide enough food, water, and clean space for them, these cats must be living the dream in their own personal room.

The person who posted about the cats explained that the clinic puts in a lot of work to keep the room clean and well-supplied. There is one litterbox per cat, so that’s a lot to clean up for 20 ginger kitties! These are cleaned by staff and volunteers, who are truly everyday heroes for these cats.

Ginger kitty love

The clinic doesn’t know if the cats are all related, or if their previous owner just decided to collect and hoard ginger kitties, but the cats do get along pretty well with each other. There are two especially, a male and a female, who are best friends. They said:

“They are stuck to each other like glue, and the boy is very protective over her. It’s adorable.”

People who commented on the post reacted with a lot of ginger kitty love. They shared stories about their own ginger kitties and wished all of these cats luck in finding loving forever homes. The person who posted about the cats even shared about their own ginger kitty:

“I have one. He’s pretty good, but his meows are like sonic booms. That’s how he asks to come in during the night, and it wakes the whole house.”

Ginger cats are definitely adorable! We hope all of these kitties find the perfect homes.

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