Frog helps rescues capture cat after 12 hours of attempts

Evan, a 4-month-old stray kitten, was wary of being trapped and had rescuers on the run for 12 hours. The cat, however, was able to be taken into safety thanks to a frog.

Evan had been riding around inside a recycling truck for a least 10 miles when he was spotted. The driver tried to grab Evan but the little guy jumped from the truck and ran off.

The SPCA of Wake County was contacted and arrived in the area to trap and rescue the cat. But Evan was wary of being rescued.

Evading rescuers

The SPCA was able to track down his whereabouts, but Evan made sure to keep his distance. He was, however, very interested in the food they had.

He crept out when they laid out something yummy for him but would only come within a few feet of them. Still, when he did, he would meow and purr at them.

So, the SPCA seemed to believe that Evan really did want to be rescued, according to The Dodo. Rescuers spent hours trying to lure Evan into a crate with food.

He would tease them and stay nearby, but not close enough to be caputured. A total of four rescuers came out to try and trap Evan.

They never suspected that a tiny frog would lead to the kitten being caught. But that’s exactly who was responsible for Evan being taken in after 12 hours of attempts.

“At the very end of the 12-hour day, way past dark, a rescuer was getting ready to call it a night,” Ranlet told The Dodo. “But as she was wrapping up, Evan was close by, and a little frog jumped at just the right time! The frog distracted Evan for a moment, which was all [rescuer Marie] needed to finally grab Evan and get him to safety.”

Taken in

The frog, who was hiding in the grass, served as an honorary member of the SPCA of Wake County that day. After being taken in, Evan was checked out by a vet and deemed healthy after hanging out inside of a truck all day.

Evan was brought to a foster home where he was cozily purring away.

“Thank you to the team of dedicated rescuers who sacrificed their time, energy, and sanity to make sure Evan got to safety! And thanks to you for supporting SPCA Wake so that we could take him into our care and provide him with everything he needs on his road to finding a loving family,” the SPCA wrote on its Instagram page.

After Evan rests up a bit, he’ll be placed for adoption. You can follow SPCA of Wake County on Instagram @spcaofwakecounty.

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