Gary is an adventure cat who loves exploring the Canadian Rockies

Gary the cat loves going on adventures in the wildly beautiful Canadian Rockies. He has gone on some pretty long hikes, with the longest being an impressive half a day. He also sometimes goes with his animal siblings Carl, Doug, Duke, and Marge.

Gary is a domestic longhair cat who is about 4 years old. He used to be a stray with a broken leg before he was found by animal control and taken into a vet for surgery.

His owners met him while he was recovering in the foster care of their friend. Now he has found his home, his leg is good as new, and he can go on all sorts of fun adventures.

Gary’s grand adventures

Gary was first introduced to the outdoors a step at a time. His owner noticed Gary gazing out the window and decided he would let the cat get his moment in the sun. He first took Gary on mini adventures just around the front door, but the trips got longer and longer as Gary got more comfortable.

Now Gary can tackle the mountains with confidence. When he goes on hikes, he usually rests in his backpack while his owner carries him around. But he likes to get out often to climb rocks and swim.

Yes, you read that right. Gary loves to swim! In a Q&A on Instagram, one of his followers asks:

“How did you get him to like getting in water? Or was that all him?”

Gary’s owner responds:

“It’s all Gary! I was quite surprised when he first went for a dip!”

Gary just decided he wanted to be a water cat. Now he loves to swim in the lakes and gently flowing rivers that he comes across on his hikes.

Gary is even fine going out in the rain and the snow. His owner bought him a jacket, booties, and goggles to help against the cold and glare from the snow. When it gets too cold, his owner doesn’t take him outside, but at all other times, Gary braves the cold like a champion.

Cat wearing a jacket and snow goggles sitting in the snow
Gary, looking warm and fashionable in the snow. Pic credit: @greatgramsofgary/Instagram

Since Gary is an adventure cat, it would make sense that hiking would be his favorite thing to do. But another Q&A entry reveals the truth:

Q: What is Gary’s favourite thing to do?

A: Probably a tie between eating and sleeping.

He may love an adventure, but he’s still a cat! He loves his cat naps, and he likes to stay in his backpack for most of the time on his hikes. His favorite foods are any kind of meat.

Gary also knows a clever trick or too, like how to shake hands with his owner. He keeps very good care of his beautiful, fluffy coat, and he has been described as a very talkative cat, especially when he wants something.

Fluffy gray and white cat meowing
He speaks! What could he possibly be saying? Pic credit: @greatgramsofgary/Instagram

Does he ever beg his owners to go outside? It would make sense, since he loves the outdoors so much. We can’t wait to see what next great adventure he has next.

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