Cat with sunglasses sits in front of card game boxes

This talented cat plays Cards Against Humanity with her owner

Have you ever played card games with your cat? This cat owner discovered that his cat could play “Cards Against Humanity” with him, and they’ve been entertaining their followers on social media with their games ever since. Picking cards Noelle is an adorable cat who loves to “bap” things with her paws. One day about … Read more

A woman finds a litter of abandoned kitties while urbexing

Urban explorer discovers a litter of abandoned kittens in a deserted garment factory

During her exploration of a defunct factory, a British woman made a significant find. She uncovered a box containing a brand-new litter of kittens. This urban explorer came upon five stray kittens and brought them to safety into her home. Additionally, the blogger shared her discovery in a video to find a family for those … Read more

Photoshopped image of owl with a cat's face

This artist edits photos to create strange and funny cat combinations

This artist creates photoshopped pictures of cats that are both weird and wonderful, putting feline faces on other animals and everyday objects. They might be a little strange sometimes, but we love her creativity. The artist is Galina Bugaevskaya, from Moscow. She started creating these photoshopped pieces back in 2018 with her kitten, Uma, as … Read more

Side by side pictures of calico cat and orange tabby cat

Tinky and Honey are a stunning cat model duo

Tinky and Honey are a cat sister and brother, who also happen to be Instagram cat models. They advertise different brands of their favorite cat care products, and they do it with so much style! Meet Tinky and Honey Before they were a duo, there was just Honey. He is an orange tabby cat with … Read more

White cat with black spots

Mochi the cat looks like a cow and can transform into anything in his pictures

Mochi is a cat who looks like a cow, as well as many other things. On her Instagram page, his owner likes to have fun taking pictures of him and identifying what other things and animals he reminds her of that day. Meet Mochi Mochi is a black and white male cat who lives in … Read more

Four kittens stand inside fake cardboard TV set

Four foster kitten sisters were nothing but “Good Trouble”

These kitten sisters were rescued and raised in foster care. Now they have been adopted out in pairs to their forever homes. The kittens were taken from a local animal shelter by Jordan Jones, a foster and volunteer at Juliet’s House Animal Rescue. She would take care of them until they were old enough to … Read more

Gray tabby cat in front of rug

Musician’s cat goes viral for stealing his guitar picks

Alessandro Pulisci, also known as dysalexic, is a guitarist who regularly posts content on his social media. As a guitarist, he has an impressive number of guitar picks, and his cat likes to collect them as well. In the viral video, Pulisci lifts a rug to show several guitar picks underneath. The camera pans to … Read more

Two cats with towels on their heads, one getting her claws trimmed

These cats live the VIP life with spa days and club nights

Look out, VIPs coming through! Or should we say, VICs (Very Important Cats)? Ginger and Pepper are social media influencer cats who love to live it up with fabulous clothes, spa days, and dance nights in the cat club. Fabulous felines Ginger and Pepper are an adorable duo of cat siblings, and their followers on … Read more