This artist draws hilarious cartoon versions of cat pictures

Rocky the artist, also known by their Instagram account name Tactoon Cat, has a brilliant way of turning funny cat pictures into even funnier cartoons.

They get most of their inspiration from cat memes and viral cat pictures. If these weren’t already hilarious enough, their playful and lively art style brings them to life even more than ever.

In Rocky’s cartoon style, the cats are drawn more round and chubby. Their eyes are bigger and brighter, and they have lots of short lines of fuzz to depict the texture of their fur.

Rocky also heightens their facial expressions, really reimagining what the cat must be feeling in each picture. This style is the perfect recipe for lots of fun cat shenanigans.

Rocky’s work

One of Rocky’s favorite things to do is find weird pictures of cats where they have contorted themselves into strange shapes or where the camera blur has created an interesting effect.

These are turned into odd-looking cartoons that make you look twice to try to figure out what’s going on. When you do figure it out, you can’t help but laugh.

Photo and cartoon version of cat stuck in a Spider-Man mask
Look! It’s the superhero, Spider-Cat! Pic credit: @tactooncat/Instagram

Rocky mostly uses funny viral cat content to create their cartoons, but they also like to find famous Instagram cats, such as Willow and Cricket, and make personalized portraits of them.

Photo and cartoon version of a cat with a smushed face with a red flower on its head
Rocky’s interpretation of Willow, the famous smushed-face cat. Pic credit: @tactooncat/Instagram

They also take commissions from anyone who wants to pay for a cartoon portrait of their cat. Rocky puts just as much fun and life into these pieces of art as the rest of their own work.

Cat videos and precious moments

In addition to working with pictures, Rocky also transforms cat videos into multi-panel comics. They are an expert at finding the right moments of the video to draw, simplifying the video into just a few punchy panels.

These are so much fun to read, since Rocky really captures the story and the personality of the crazy cats in these videos.

Although Rocky’s work is mostly humorous, they sometimes capture some sweet and heartwarming moments as well. Like a true cat lover, they enjoy cat humor but also appreciate the dignity and capacity for love that cats have.

Photo and cartoon version of a mother dog nursing two kittens
Rocky draws a moment of motherly love across species. Pic credit: @tactooncat/Instagram

It isn’t very often that Rocky draws more serious cartoons. Their style is mostly playful and sometimes a little naughty. But to Rocky’s fans, that’s just part of the charm. They love seeing cats being brought to life in such funny ways in Rocky’s cartoons.

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