Guy who wasn’t a cat person becomes a cat dad after rescuing a kitten

Kris Kempf wasn’t a cat guy, but that all changed when he had the opportunity to save a cat’s life. Now he’s a proud cat dad.

The biggest flaw that Kempf had when Alexis Lin first met her husband was that he wasn’t completely in love with cats.

He didn’t hate cats. But he didn’t love or particularly care for them. He was a dog guy.

The road to being a cat person

This was a conflict because Lin had two cats. Over time, he opened up to them and was able to tolerate them.

But he fell in love with a cat when he had the opportunity to rescue it.

Kempf and the couple’s son, Logan, had gone out for a run one day. While they were out, Lin received a text.

When she opened it, she saw a tiny kitten all by itself in the middle of the road with the caption “Mommy!!!”

“He said they ran [past] a bush, and suddenly this little thing came running out behind them, onto the street, and was screaming at them,” Lin told The Dodo. “He slowly approached the kitten, it didn’t run away, kept meowing and walked towards them.”

Lin instructed her husband to bring the cat home but not before checking it for fleas.

“I knew we had to at least try to help it,” Lin said. “So I told Kris to bring it home and we’ll go pick up some supplies to nurse it to health.”

Kempf followed his wife’s instructions and brought the tiny cat home, where they gave it a bath. The little cat looked so sweet while wet with its giant paws and more petite body.

The kitten seemed very happy to be with a family that would feed, love, and protect it. At the time, the couple already had a son, a baby on the way, and several pets.

Official cat dad

So, they decided that they would try to get the kitten adopted. However, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

They took the cat to the vet and learned that it was a girl that was 4-weeks-old and only .5 lbs. At that point, dad made an executive decision.

He decided that since Logan loved the cat so much, he and the kitten shouldn’t be separated. So, they named the kitten Calliope, or Callie for short, and added her as a member of the family.

However, something tells us that maybe he didn’t just do it for his son. Kempf seems very happy with his new role as a cat dad. So much for not being a cat person!

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