Happy home for Sphynx cat whose owner could not cope

Pinto, a 7-year-old sphynx cat, was surrendered to Soar: Sphynx Open Arms Rescue because his owner couldn’t keep caring for him.

The rescue was set up in 2013, and its mission is to care for and re-home sphynx cats.

Sphynx cats are an expensive breed, one you usually wouldn’t find at cat shelters.

However, as the popularity of the breed has grown, many people have bought sphynx cats without really understanding what it takes to care for them.

This has led to an increase in the cats being surrendered, and as Soar: Sphynx Open Arms Rescue found, these cats are often euthanized because their peculiar looks and increased health needs made them ‘undesirable’ for adoption.

A rare breed

Pinto the cat is rare indeed.

He came to the rescue with a host of medical issues; allergies, skin infections, ear infections, tooth infections, a broken canine, and an upper respiratory infection.

But after posting a request for donations for the sweet little guy, the rescue raised $964 in two days for his care.

Once Pinto was placed in a good foster home, and after a lot of vet visits, medication, and attentive care, his condition began to improve.

Close up of a sphynx cats face getting chin rubs
Pinto enjoying the love from his foster mom. Pic credit: @Soar: Sphynx Open Arms Rescue/Facebook.

Unfortunately, just as things were looking up for Pinto, his health took a downward turn.

Health problems galore

After an appointment with a radiologist, they found that Pinto had inflammation around most of his organs, as well as blood clots in his kidneys – a sign of repeated kidney infections.

As Pinto’s health deteriorated he was sent for various medical tests, including an echocardiogram for his heart, and ultrasound for his kidneys after he started to urinate blood.

On top of this, he was sent to a dermatologist as his skin condition remained.

Despite all this hardship Pinto never ceased to be his sweet, loving self.

After a few weeks of constant care, he was on the road to recovery.

A sphynx cat laying on a kitchen counter
As Pinto began to improve, his sassy personality began to shine. He started getting annoyed with his fellow fosters. Pic credit: @Soar: Sphynx Open Arms Rescue/Facebook.

With recovery came the prospect of adoption to a forever home.

A diligent search took place to find the perfect home for little Pinto, a place where he could be spoiled just as he had always deserved.

Sphynx cat in a colorful t-shirt walking outside
Pinto in one of his new shirts walking around his new home. Pic credit: @Soar: Sphynx Open Arms Rescue/Facebook.

Soon enough, 9 months after first coming to the rescue, he found his forever home.

The place where he needn’t fear neglect or mistreatment ever again.

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