fake Spynx cat are sold to buyers

Women are sold shaven kittens passing as Sphynx cats in vile scam

A despicable scam took place in Alberta, Canada, where women purchased what they thought was a Sphynx kitten. ¬†Except that a few weeks later, the fake Sphynx cat strangely started growing fur. Sphynx cats, a rare breed recognizable by their hairless look, are in high demand. Unfortunately, this inspires some crooked people to engineer dodgy … Read more

Hairless Sphynx cat sitting in front of a yellow background.

This sanctuary rescued an abused hairless Sphynx cat that was being used for profit

According to Zenger News, in April 2022, a cat named Kiko, aged eleven, was brought to safety in the Fylde Coast Cats sanctuary in Blackpool, Lancs. The sanctuary rescued this hairless female sphynx cat who was a victim of constant breeding for money by its owner. Kiko and her nine-year-old son, Nim, arrived in poor … Read more

A woman in a ship captain's uniform and an image of a hairless cat in a pink tutu.

Meet Bug Naked, ‘the cruise ship cat’ winning over the Internet

A cruise captain and her Sphynx cat are making netizens dream of exotic vacation spots. Cat and owner have become internet sensations. More than 370,000 people follow the adventures of Kate McCue and her partner in crime Bug Naked. Hailing from San Francisco, Kate McCue routinely posts videos and photos of her travels on Instagram. … Read more