Limping cat leads homeowner to her kittens

This stray calico cat caught the attention of Walter Santi because of how badly it was limping.

He began feeding the stray in his garden, as he did the others there.

But he paid particular attention to this limping one as he noticed that she had swollen mammary glands, an indication that she was feeding kittens.

Santi wanted to take the cat to the vet for her limp but needed to find the kittens first.

Eventually, the cat trusted Santi enough to lead him to her litter.

A mother cat and her kittens in a bush
The stray calico ended up leading Santi to her kittens which were hidden in a bush. Pic credit: @waltersanti/Youtube.

Off to the vet

There were five kittens in total, and each took after their mother with calico markings on their face and bodies.

Santi took them to the vet straight away, and after the kittens were given a clean bill of health, it was time to tend to the mother.

The cause of her limp turned out to be an untreated fracture in her left femur which had happened so long ago that the bone had reformed irregularly around the fracture.

Although severe, the vet suggested that she be given medication for the pain for the time being, with the possibility of amputation in the future.

So the cat and her kittens stayed at the clinic for a while for monitoring, and meantime Santi looked for a foster home for them.

A mother cat and her kittens at the vet
The mother and kittens stayed at the vet for a couple of weeks to make sure they were healthy enough to leave. Pic credit: @waltersanti/Youtube.

The brood ended up being fostered by a family friend of Santi’s, allowing him to check on them whenever he pleased.


Despite the malformation of her leg, the mother cat never let this get in the way of caring for her kittens.

A mother cat and her kittens laying in a cat bed
Bedtime for the kittens. Pic credit: @waltersanti/Youtube.

The mother and kittens ended up staying in their foster home for a little over 2 months.

Once the mother was spayed and the kittens were weaned, they eventually got adopted out to loving forever homes.

Unfortunately, Santi and his family struggled to find a home for the mother cat. However, Santi’s father ended up adopting the mother cat, who they named ‘The Mom Cat’.

A happy end for all the cats in this story. Video credit: @waltersanti/Youtube.

And even though she still had her limp, The Mom Cat ran around and played with her eight new cat housemates.

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