Kitten becomes purr machine when finally rescued after people passed her by all-day

A rescued kitten named Estrella turned into an absolute purr machine after she was finally rescued. The poor thing was found on a busy sidewalk where people passed her by all day long.

Carmen Weinberg was visiting a mobile home park in Lake Worth, Florida when she saw a tiny wiggling ball of fur on the sidewalk.

She realized that it was a lonely tabby kitten after getting closer. One whose mother was nowhere in sight. Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, knew she had to get this baby some help.

Stopping to help

The kitten seemed underweight, sickly, and in need of medical attention. She tried to pick up the cat, but it ran under a nearby car.

So, Weinberg set up a trap with food inside to catch the cat and sat it down right next to the car. The kitten took one whiff of that food and walked straight into the trap.

She wasn’t even phased when the door shut behind her. She was starving focused on gobbling up the food in front of her.

“Once I took her out of the trap to examine her, she completely relaxed, like she was relieved she was finally safe,” Carmen told Love Meow. “She can’t get enough of pets. She was starved of love and attention.”

The cat was sitting directly in front of an office many people would pass by throughout the day. So, Weinberg was pretty ticked off that no one stopped to help her.

“Dozens of people drive by or walk by that place,” Weinberg said. “They saw the kitten and chose to walk away. I knew she wanted to be seen. She wanted help.”

The kitten was in pretty poor shape. She had fleas, lice, and parasites and looked anemic. The little baby immediately got a bath and was given medication to help her heal.

She was named Estrella and was visibly, and audibly, grateful for being rescued and cared for.

“She purred the whole time while I was drying her after her bath,” Weinberg said. “She wants love and she is getting plenty of that.”

As Estrella started to heal, she became more of a purr machine. She loves to curl up in a little ball when she’s being pet while letting her purr motor run.

Estrella has no more bugs, and her eyes are cleaning up. She’s also steadily gaining weight.

“I’m giving her kitten formula mixed with vitamins and she loves that,” Carmen told Love Meow. “No more neglect for this girl. Estrella is shining brightly.”

Follow updates on Estrella on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about the work that Animal Friends Project Inc. does on Facebook.

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