Foster mom was supposed to babysit three kittens temporarily, but they stayed until adoption

Three kittens, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, came to Lori’s kitten foster home for her to babysit. She was supposed to take care of them for only a few days while their other foster mom was gone.

Babysittin’ kittens

Mario, Luigi, and Peach had been rescued as tiny kittens from a hoarding house. There had been about forty cats and kittens in the house, and there were three nursing mama cats taking care of all the kittens.

Since they were all mixed up, there was no way to tell which kittens belonged to which mom, so Mario, Luigi, and Peach’s rescuers didn’t even know if they were siblings. But they got along so well, so they were siblings now.

Lori was only supposed to babysit the three kittens for a few days, but they ended up staying with her until they were adopted. Because of the hoarding house rescue, there were many cats in need of foster homes, and the foster cat parents in the area needed to shuffle around in order to accommodate all the cats.

Mario, Luigi, and Peach stayed with Lori so their previous foster mom could have room to take care of a mama cat and seven kittens.

Three kittens on a person's lap
These cuties get to stay with Lori. Pic credit: @dreaming_of_foster_kittens/Instagram

Purrs, play, and snuggles

Now that Mario, Luigi, and Peach were sticking with Lori, she got to see their amazing personalities come out. Mario had a big appetite and the loudest purr his foster mom had ever heard for a kitten. He purred all the time too, even when he was playing. Lori also said:

“He has personality for days, screaming at me and putting his left ear back when I tell him he has finished all of his food and there is no more!”

Mario’s brother, Luigi, also had a pretty loud purr, and he had the biggest ears. It took a while for his body to catch up in size. He was also very affectionate. Lori said:

“He is the sweetest boy who loves snuggles!”

Princess Peach was everything a princess should be, with beautiful calico fur and big whiskers. She was sensitive and particular, giving Lori a bit of trouble by not gaining weight or eating as well as her brothers.

When she got her spay surgery, it got infected, and she had to spend lots of one-on-one time with her foster mom while she was healing. But she got better, and she loved to snuggle under blankets and play by attacking Lori’s legs.

Babies grown up

Soon the kittens were ready for adoption. Mario and Luigi were an inseparable pair, and they went to their new forever home together. Lori said:

“I am so happy these two get to stay together forever! I can only imagine all the purring and snuggling going on already!”

Princess Peach also went to her forever home with her new human and dog family. Lori would miss her and all the time they spent together, but she said:

“I’m glad she has such a great forever family who I know will love her and take good care of her!”

Lori was so glad she had the opportunity to take care of these three precious kittens. It was so nice that her babysitting duties were extended!

Two pictures side by side, one of a black kitten and a gray kitten, the other of a calico kitten held by a person.
The kittens after their adoptions. Pic credit: @dreaming_of_foster_kittens/Instagram
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