black cat on desk

This courageous cat survived a harrowing ordeal and finally received a happy ending

In August this year, Best Friends Animal Society shared a remarkable story of Pepper, the one-eye courageous cat who overcame adversity and found her forever home in the process. Courageous cat A little black cat named Pepper arrived at a municipal shelter in Utah with a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a cataract in her … Read more

White cat with one bad eye

Kitten with bad eyes rescued from the middle of a busy road

This kitten was literally rescued from the streets. Although he had bad eyes from an infection, he was able to heal in his foster home and learn how to live his best kitten life. Saved from the street A stray kitten was crossing the road and would have probably been hit by a car, but … Read more

Two kittens, both missing their right eye

Two foster kittens Peach and Daisy get more playful after their eye surgeries

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy were two kittens with serious eye problems. After a month in foster care and some successful eye surgeries, they are now in the process of being adopted. A pair of one-eyed kittens Peach and Daisy were found as strays and brought to the shelter. They each had one eye that … Read more

Cat with stitches over missing eye, labeled "After Surgery"

Mel has been twice returned to the shelter and lost an eye but she is a fighter and ready for her forever home!

Mel is a sweet kitty who has been through a lot. She has moved from home to home and is currently residing at Utah Valley Animal Rescue. She may be missing an eye after her recent surgery, but she’s still as gorgeous as ever! Mel’s Difficult Journey Mel first arrived at the Utah Valley Animal … Read more

A one eyed cat in a cardboard box.

This one-eyed kitten’s personality shines bright after finding a loving home

This year in Washington, D.C, City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue reached out to foster Jen about a cat with a damaged eye. This one-eyed kitten was in desperate need of help.  She rose to the task without hesitation. Jen drove to pick up the kitten at the emergency vet, where they had removed a … Read more

A ginger one-eyed cat.

Sweet one-eyed cat Jack is a small survivor who overcame a terrible upbringing

Jack the cat was found as a kitten in a “small dirty tool shop” surrounded by un-neutered cats. So many cats were living in this shop that two litters of kittens ended up being born within two weeks of each other. It’s safe to say that the health condition of the cats that were found … Read more