Little girl saying goodbye to her favorite neighborhood cat has us bawling

When a little girl named Lainey couldn’t play with other kids her age because of the pandemic, a neighborhood cat named Binx became her best friend.

They both looked forward to seeing each other on walks over the next few years.

Unfortunately, Binx’s parents recently decided to move their family away, leaving Lainey with no choice but to bid her feline friend an emotional farewell.

A farewell that had us all grabbing for the tissue box. Lainey first met Binx when she and her mom started taking daily walks at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Instead of running off as the little girl ran toward him, Binx came right up and introduced himself. He was immediately affectionate with Lainey and even started running up to her when he would see her coming.

Neighbors and friends

Lainey’s mom explained on her TikTok page that Binx became a beloved friend to her daughter at a very isolating time when her daughter had no other children to play with. Binx and Lainey stayed friends in the years that followed.

Binx would sometimes even walk over to Lainey’s house to play. The two besties would see each other just about every single day.

Sadly one day, Lainey and her mom spotted a “FOR SALE” sign in front of Binx’s house. This meant that Lainey and Binx would no longer be neighbors.

It was with a heavy heart that Lainey and her mom headed down to Binx’s house to say their final goodbyes. Lainey walks right up to her buddy and gives him some pets.

Then she sticks her hand out so he can sniff it, that’s when he gave her a few goodbye smooches.

It’s unknown if Lainey truly understood that this would be the last time she saw Binx. However, her mom was well aware of the fact and decided to document it.

The tearful goodbye

She posted a video of her favorite Lainey and Binx moments which ended in their final goodbye and was played over some sad music. It ended up going viral and had thousands of TikTokers in tears. Lainey’s mom asked on TikTok:

“Why did I sob making this? We are very sad but thankful for the joy he brought her when we all really needed it.”

An image of TikTok comments.
Pic credit: @thecolorfulmother/TikTok

According to one of Lainey’s neighbors, Binx was very well known and loved in his neighborhood, the neighbor commented on TikTok:

“Thank you so much for making this. Binx had a really special relationship with the kids in our neighborhood. It was just so beautiful,”

While they might not see each other again, Lainey and Binx’s friendship will live on this video which brought joy to thousands.

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