14 kittens rescued from cardboard boxes in the forest now live in a kitten paradise

In late May, dozens of kittens were found abandoned in a forest near a playground, packed away in cardboard boxes.

Members of the Adorable Paws cat rescue YouTube channel heard about the kittens and rushed to their rescue. Several precious kittens had already passed away, but the rescuers were able to safely retrieve most of them.

A cruel act

They expressed how cruel it was to take such defenseless young kittens away from their mothers and abandon them in the forest. In a YouTube video about the rescue, they said:

“It is impossible for these kittens to survive even one night in this forest. What if we didn’t notice them?”

Thankfully, these selfless rescuers did notice them. They transported them to their temporary cat shelter, where the kittens received fresh water, food, and plenty of clean space to wander around.

Some kittens were in worse shape than others, weak, skinny, and infected with disease and parasites. The rescuers explained that they gave the kittens high-quality food that would help with their immunity.

A hand holds a sick white kitten.
One of the weaker kittens saved from the forest. Pic credit: @AdorablePaws/YouTube

The kittens stayed in the temporary shelter overnight before being taken to a veterinary clinic the next morning.

They were given their first round of treatment, and they lived at the clinic for several days until their full treatment was complete.

Kitten Paradise

The Adorable Paws rescuers then brought the kittens back to their temporary shelter, which had undergone an upgrade.

Now their living space was a kitten paradise, with even more room than before, plenty of food and water, fun toys, and comfortable cat houses.

Kittens in a room full of cat scratching posts, beds, and houses.
The new and improved kitten paradise. Pic credit: @AdorablePaws/YouTube

Adorable Paws posted several videos that follow the journey of the kittens, showing the rescue, vet treatment, and creation of the cat shelter.

There are also several videos of the kittens enjoying their lives in the cat shelter, with new and exciting things happening each day.

In one video, the rescuers bring the kittens a pile of cardboard boxes so that they can create new happier memories with the things that once held them captive.

Like many cats, the kittens actually seem to enjoy the boxes. They probably know they are safe now, and they don’t need to be afraid of their traumatic past anymore.

The people who rescued these kittens treat them so well now, and they clearly have so much love for them.

When one of the kittens who was very sick continued to struggle, they made sure to give it lots of love and attention. In a video about this kitten, they said:

“The most healing medicine on earth is love.”

Now the kitten is much healthier and happier. It is getting lots of love, eating well, and even riding around on its humans’ robotic vacuum cleaner.

A kitten rides a robotic vacuum cleaner.
This formerly sick kitten is now having the time of its life. Pic credit: @AdorablePaws/YouTube

In a description on one of their YouTube videos about these kittens, Adorable Paws explains that they have taken the responsibility to properly care for these kittens.

They say that they will share the kittens’ photos on social media once they are ready to be adopted, and explained that:

“If the kittens are not adopted, they will be placed in healthy safe areas.”

The motto of their channel is “Love, feed, neuter, and protect animals.” They have done a great job of upholding this motto.

Thanks to them, these kittens have another chance at the happy life they deserve.

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