Man pulls over to rescue a lonesome kitten – and gets a big surprise

An unsuspecting driver got a big surprise when he pulled over at the side of the road to save a single kitten— after more and more kittens jumped out of the grass to join their more confident friend.

A video of the incident posted on Reddit shows Robert Brantley picking up the single stray, before he quickly found himself overwhelmed by several of its friends who had also been hiding in the verge.

It’s safe to say Brantley was shocked, exclaiming “Oh my gosh! I can’t take ya’ll, oh my gosh!” as they jumped out. Most of the kittens look to be American Short hairs with their gray and white markings, although some of those markings could well be dirt.

Nevertheless, the sweet high-pitched ‘meows’ of the kittens was enough to convince Brantley to rescue them all.

You can watch the video of the full rescue below:

Finding home after ‘ambush’

The video went viral, and Brantley posted an update on the 8th of June on his Facebook page as people from all over the world became interested in how the kittens were getting on. Accompanying a video of the kittens inspecting the back of his truck, Brantley wrote that he found 13 kittens in total and had to take them home with him.

Wrangling the 13 kittens into his truck turned out to be no easy feat, as the little kittens kept trying to escape. In the end, Brantley had to close the windows and doors of his truck and “funnel them in” through one slightly open window.

The kittens have been staying with Brantley and his family, getting “fattened up” and bathed in the hopes of getting adopted to some good loving homes.

Close-up of kittens
Six of the 13 kittens lying on top of each other, keeping warm after a bath. Pic credit: @Robert Brantley/Facebook.

Brantley’s kids are helping out

Brantley isn’t alone in caring for the 13 kittens. His two young children have been helping out, and he cites the comments and advice given to him by those posting on his updates in helping him navigate his new role caring for kittens.

Brantley holds kitten above bath
Robert Brantley holding a kitten in the air above a bath. Pic credit: @Robert Brantley/Facebook.

Brantley posted another update on the 9th of June thanking people for the advice and help with supplies.

He appropriately named the original kitten he pulled over for ‘Scout’, and can be seen in his Facebook video bathing him.

Brantley encourages viewers to keep watch on his Facebook page for more updates about the kittens in their journey to new homes.

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