Meet Bongo, the cat who loves kayaking, hiking, and horse riding

Bongo is an adventurous cat who loves the outdoors, the Ragdoll/Bengal cross enjoys everything from kayaking, hiking, paddleboarding, and even horseriding!

The seven-month-old kitty, who lives with his owner Lucy in Wales, began his outdoor adventures when Lucy took him paddling boarding in Wale’s famous Snowdonia National Park when he was just three months old.

A true explorer

As reported by The Metro, Lucy, who is a huge outdoors fanatic, has always spent every weekend adventuring through the great outdoors and wanted to have a cat who shared her adventurous spirit.

She adopted Bongo when he was eight weeks old and after he quickly became comfortable in a harness and started enjoying walks, Lucy realized that she had found her outdoorsy soulmate!

The adventure begins

One of Bongo’s most unusual pastimes is horseback riding, which Lucy says he has greatly enjoyed since he first joined her on one of her rides. She told The Metro:

“I took Bongo horse riding with me one day and he sat in a shoulder bag whilst I rode around. He seemed comfortable and so did the horse, so the next time we went to the stables, I put him on a horse with a saddle and he loved it.”

After his exploits in the saddle, the intrepid cat took to the water and explored the canals of Manchester with his owner. Unlike a lot of other cats who seem terrified of water, Bongo felt at ease as they traveled the canal. Lucy shared how much Bongo enjoyed being on a boat, saying:

“I took him kayaking down the Manchester Canal, and even though the water was gross, he loved that too – from exploring the boat to sitting on the bow.”

Gaining a following

Bongo now has a devoted online following who loves to keep up with the adventurous cat’s explorations via his Instagram page

And it’s not just in the virtual world that Bongo has amassed admirers, he also catches the attention of curious onlookers who see him out in the wild and want to know his story.

Lucy explained that Bongo is often photographed by people they meet while out on their travels, saying:

“So many people come up and ask to take pictures of Bongo because it’s quite rare to see a cat on a lead or paddleboarding! He gets a lot of smiles when we are out and about.”

Future adventures

Bongo has proven that he is one intrepid kitty who is always ready to take on any outdoor quest and Lucy shared that she has many future adventures planned for them. The courageous cat’s owner told The Metro that one of those adventures will include helping others, saying:

“I’m hoping to do a sponsored paddleboard with him in August to raise money for an endometriosis charity, and it would be great to see other people bring their pets paddleboarding too.”

It seems that no matter the height of the mountain, Bongo is ready to climb it!

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