Cat totally hated new rescue kitten housemate but now they’re inseparable BFFs

A pampered housecat named Jimmy rebelled against the rescue kitten his owners brought home: until they became unlikely best friends.

Jimmy’s owners David and Jamie were having dinner at their local McDonald’s when they spotted a neglected-looking kitten wandering around the car park.

The altruistic couple couldn’t bear to leave the kitten on the streets and so began a journey to rescue the unfortunate stray and give Jimmy a new brother.

Meet Donald

Rescuing the little street kitten proved to be more challenging than the couple could have predicted. The first night they met the neglected kitty they sat for two hours in the parking lot, encouraging him to come to them with the promise of food.

Trust clearly didn’t come easily to the poor kitten, who the couple realized was dangerously skinny, and he eventually ran from them. 

The next night David and Jamie came fully prepared to rescue the sweet cat from his life on the streets. Armed with a cat cage and some treats, they were able to coax the kitten into the cage and safely transport him to the vet.

The vet determined that the kitten was in relatively good health, except for being very underweight. David and Jamie christened the kitten Donald – in honor of the fast-food chain location that had been his home.

Building trust

The couple knew instinctively that Donald was not yet ready to be fully integrated into their home with their short-haired tabby, Jimmy. 

As a result they created protected spaces for Donald, first in their garage and then within the guest bathroom. The days went by and the couple slowly built a trusting relationship with Donald, who it was discovered actually loved receiving cuddles and head rubs.

Once several days had passed and the kitten’s confidence had grown, they decided that it was time for Donald to meet Jimmy.

Jimmy says ‘nope

When The DoDo covered the story they shared a video that captured Jimmy’s reaction to having a new sibling: spoiler alert — it wasn’t a happy one.

Jimmy is seen menacingly glaring at Donald from different spots around the house; behind a glass door, across the living room, and he saves a particularly lethal death stare for the when he spies Donald nestled in David’s arms.

Jimmy’s true act of rebellion, though, comes when he destroys a wedding photo of David and Jamie, seemingly taking inspiration from a horror film by ensuring the couple know that he’s planning a reign of terror that aims to destroy them.

It started with a sniff

Within the video, David explains that any close contact between Jimmy and Donald would lead to a hissing match and the two would have to be separated. 

Donald clearly thought that the hissing lark was all in good fun and it was a pastime that he quite enjoyed. Jimmy did not feel the same way. David explained how the kitties finally reached an impasse and it all started with a sniff, he says:

“They were hissing and acting crazy, but one day they would start sniffing each other and then they would start playing on the chairs.”

Best friends 

Since that first fateful sniff, Jimmy and Donald have become best friends, according to David and Jamie they are now inseparable and spend their days playing and napping together.

These two tabbies proved that sometimes the greatest friendships of all just need time to grow!

You can follow the adorable adventures of these best friends via Donald’s Instagram page.

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