Meet Bruno: the blind cat who melted the heart of a dog-lover

Bruno the cat is completely blind but he gets around so well that his owner Kelsey says it’s hard to believe at times!

Sometimes, she says, it’s like he’s staring into her soul, and then, according to Kelsey:

“He’ll immediately run into a wall right after.”

Proving that the lively and energetic cat is in fact totally blind.

The antics of this sweet little guy were enough to turn Kelsey into a dog-lover who now loves cats too!

A black and white cat, being held and getting chin scratches.
Bruno at home with Kelsey, right where he belongs. Pic credit: @brunotheblindkitty/Instagram.

From shelter to forever home

Kelsey was working at an animal shelter when Bruno was brought in with his siblings. All of his brothers and sisters ended up getting adopted out quickly, but Bruno had medical issues that needed to be seen to first.

Bruno had been sick for weeks when Kelsey decided to ‘office foster’ him, meaning Bruno would live in Kelsey’s office from then on.

Bruno began sleeping across Kelseys shoulders as she worked, and became such a vital part of her day that it wasn’t long before Kelsey adopted Bruno for real.

There was just one small problem, Kelsey’s dog that she had for nine years “historically hated cats”.

Friends for life

Kelsey’s dog Ed had never gotten along with cats and so she was nervous to introduce them. She started slow, thinking that having Ed get on board with Bruno would be a long and challenging process.

But she needn’t have feared, within a week of meeting each other they were the best of friends!

A black and white cat sleeping beside a brown dog
Bruno and Ed snoozing together. Pic credit: @brunotheblindkitty/Instagram.

Their bond is so strong that Kelsey said:

“It’s like Ed is my dog and Bruno is Ed’s cat!”

But that doesn’t get in the way of Kelsey’s own relationship with Bruno, the two of them are like two peas in a pod.

Bruno’s health waned after he came to live with her and it was not looking good. Kelsey did everything she could afford and more to give Bruno a chance at life because it was clear to see he loved it so much.

And her efforts paid off, Bruno is now as healthy and happy as could be, spoiled with love and affection from human and dog alike!

A black and white cat is asleep like a baby in his owner's arms while a man and dog sit beside them
Bruno has a blissful life with his mom Kelsey, her fiancé, and his best friend Ed. Pic credit: @brunotheblindkitty/Instagram.
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