A family is surprised when their rescue kitten grows into a very unusual-looking cat

A Russian family adopted a kitten at a local shelter. As the cat grew, she slowly morphed into a strange-looking animal, yet it didn’t stop her owner from loving her.

Every pet owner wants to believe that their pet is the most attractive, even though this is not always true.

A Russian high school student, Dasha had always dreamed of having a cat in her home. Finally, her mother agreed to let the teenager adopt one.

Subsequently, Dasha and her mom went to the local shelter. At the time, the shelter had two kittens up for adoption. Quickly, the student opted for the one she thought was the cutest of the pair.

However, her mother preferred the other. The woman thought this kitty had something special about it. After going back and forth, Dasha’s mother eventually won the case.

A furry family addition

The unusual-looking puss joined the family. They named her Simina as she was a “funny and disheveled tangle of energy.”  

Simina had a playful personality and a distinctive allure. Her haircoat resembled a patchwork with spots of different colors and hairs of different lengths.

At first, the cat didn’t get along with the house’s men. She would hide whenever she saw Dasha’s brother or father, watching them from afar.

In addition, Simina had a sweet tooth. For example, she adored ice cream and didn’t mind the stomachache risks.

Moreover, her favorite treat was Hematogen, a nutrition bar containing albumin derived from processed cow blood. Dasha found her cat’s many quirks endearing and continued to spoil the pet.

As Simina grew up, her appearance gradually evolved.

A one-of-a-kind appearance

In time, Simina lost her “cute” appeal. Several clumps of hair fell out of her head.

Even though she lost most of her hair within a few months, there were still random clumps here and there. Consequently, friends mocked the feline’s atypical look.

Simina appeared so strange that many people wondered if she came from Chornobyl, the Ukrainian nuclear disaster-stricken town.

Over four years, Simina continued to change. Whole areas of her body were bare, while others were full of hair.

Some claimed the cat was probably a cross between a Sphynx cat and a long-haired cat!

Despite her odd appearance, Simina had found a comfortable position in her family. Dasha adored her puss, and both were inseparable.

Furthermore, the teenager thinks her cat taught her a valuable lesson: looks are not the most important, and one must see with the heart. It would be hard to argue with this logic.

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