This cat had been kept isolated inside a basement for two years – then she found the love of a forever home

Three years ago, Caitlin and Charles were looking to add to their feline family by giving a cat in need a forever home.

Caitlin had been admiring the work of Beth Stern, a cat/kitten foster mom and adopter. Caitlin has a lot of experience with cats that have health or social issues having adopted cats of all kinds throughout her life. As Caitlin explained:

“I always adopt the “unadoptable” — they always turn out to be the best kitties in the world!”

So, once she got in touch with Beth about adopting one of her cats, Beth suggested Cashmere (formerly known as Puddles) due to her experience with cats others might find ‘difficult’.

A hard outer shell

When Caitlin and Charles adopted her, Cashmere was six years old and had been rescued from a very bad situation.

Cashmere had been severely neglected, shut in a basement for two years without any love or affection, or care.

When she was found, her fur was so matted it had to be all shaved off and came off in a single tangled piece.

Shaved long hair calico cat
Cashmere still growing out her fur, and she still looks dubious of her new home. Pic credit: @puddleofcashmere/Instagram.

It is no wonder that Cashmere was shy and was struggling to socialize properly with other cats and humans.

Her first years of life must have been harrowing, but Caitlin and Charles were determined to make this kitty feel safe and loved.

A soft center

Caitlin and Charles gave Cashmere all the patience and love they had and little by little, she started to come out of her shell. After a while, they began to see a big change in their formerly shy cat.

She grew into her fluff again, started to play, and even began cuddling up to the couple.

A long-haired and very fluffy calico cat showing off her tummy.
It’s hard to believe her fur grew so long after being shaved! Pic credit: @puddleofcashmere/Instagram.

Cashmere’s coat is now well maintained, and according to the couple, as soft as cashmere, hence her name.

In the three years that they have had her Cashmere has changed from a shy, fearful cat to a confident and playful one.

It just goes to show what a good dose of love and patience can do.

Cashmere now has a stable and caring forever home, and never has to worry about her past repeating itself ever again.

A long-haired calico cat with a fabric flower on her head.
Cashmere helping her mom with crafts. Pic credit: @puddleofcashmere/Instagram.
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