‘Mikey Mike’ the stray cat would have been euthanized immediately if it wasn’t for the actions of this loving vet

Mike, or Mikey Mike as his owner lovingly likes to call him, is estimated to be around 14 years old and is FIV+ (a positive result for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

He was rescued from the streets in 2018, and if not for his owner, would have been immediately euthanized because of his condition.

When Mike was brought into the animal shelter looking worse for wear he was taken straight to a vet clinic.

There he tested positive for FIV+, and coupled with a nasty open wound on his neck, the shelter thought it best to put him down.

However, one of the veterinarians at the clinic he was brought to couldn’t stand to see this happen.

She decided to foster him at her home and care for him to the best of her ability there, even if it wasn’t going to be long.

But 4 years later, Mikey Mike is still going strong and living with his “Mewomy” in his forever home.

A good cause

Mike’s owner, knowing that countless cats are euthanized because of their age, FIV status, and other health issues, felt like she had to do something if it would mean saving a cat like her ginger man.

She understood that from a shelter’s perspective, they can’t keep all the animals they rescue.

It was the fact that certain kinds of cats were always seen as undesirable adoptees that was so frustrating.

Ginger cat sleeps with a paw out on a bed
How could anyone not fall for such a sweet old man? Pic credit: @mikey_mike_the_cat/Instagram.

And so, she decided to make an Instagram account for him in order to spread awareness of special needs cats, and hopefully make people want to adopt one themselves!

The account where she posts cute updates and stories about Mike, currently has over 28,000 followers.

She hopes that one day she can help raise funds for much needed cat causes, and continue to raise awareness about how lovable special needs cats can be.

Feline friends

Mike’s owner doesn’t just post pictures and videos of her ginger old man, she also shares the friends he’s made along the way.

Mike can’t go outside to play due to his condition but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any company!

He often gets cat visitors from around the neighborhood, and Mike’s owner is sure to feed and water them before they go on their way.

Black and white cat with a paw on the outside of a window while a ginger cat sits inside
Buddy the cat says hello through the window. Pic credit: @mikey_mike_the_cat/Instagram.

One of these cats is a black and white short hair named Buddy.

Ginger cat playing with a string while a black and white cat looks on from the other side of a window
Mike and Buddy have a play date through the window. Pic credit: @mikey_mike_the_cat/Instagram.

If Mike had been put down four years ago at that animal shelter, he wouldn’t have had the chance to live such a full happy life now.

It just goes to show how much potential can be found in cats that others would rather leave behind.

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