Mom comes homes to find dad asleep on the couch with a strange cat

Andrew Falloon’s mother came home to the sweet scene of her husband napping together with a cat. The only thing is… they don’t own a cat.

A random cat just waltzed his way into their home to cuddle up with Falloon’s father, who was recovering from surgery.

Dad’s doctors said that he should get lots of bed rest. So, the cat’s visit seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

Dad isn’t one to just spend the day sitting idle. So, he appreciated the company. Once he realized that he had some. Perhaps the cat knew that dad needed some help healing.

Cat medicine

Scientific American reports that a cat’s purr, which ranges in frequency between 25 and 150 Hz, can reduce stress, improve bone density, and promote healing.

Or the cat just decided that dad looked comfy and wanted to join him. No one is quite sure. Either way, he snuck into the house after mom left one of the doors slightly open.

She left the house for a little while and was absolutely shocked by what she saw when she got back home.

“My mum went out to run a few errands and left one of the doors slightly open,” Falloon told The Dodo. “When she came home, she found Dad and [this cat] curled up on the couch.”

What’s even more hilarious was that her husband isn’t much of a cat guy. Yet, he was gently holding the kitty’s paws in his hands.

But he was fast asleep and had no idea what was going on. He didn’t even realize that Ziggy was there.

Dr. Ziggy

“My dad hasn’t been the biggest cat person, so I think he was as surprised as anyone when Mum woke him up,” Falloon told.

The family had a huge laugh about it. They even invited Ziggy to stay for dinner before he went off on his own again.

“Dr. Ziggy stayed around for a bit of a smooch, but then took off to his next appointment,” Falloon said.

Falloon and his family later learned that the cat was a neighborhood cat name Ziggy. He’s known to stop in different houses around the neighborhood to say hello. Dr. Ziggy loves doing his rounds and making house calls.

Falloon’s mom snapped a picture of Ziggy and her husband’s nap and sent it to her son. He posted the photo on Twitter, where it went viral. Thousands of people were delighted to see Dr. Ziggy in action.

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