In a tender video, a cat encourages her hesitant kitten to walk down a staircase

Being a parent does not imply doing everything for one’s children; rather, it entails standing by them while they face and overcome the problems that are unique to them as individuals.

A mother cat has proved that she certainly understands this concept, as evidenced by a video where she excitedly encourages her kittens to climb wooden stairs.

This stray black cat from the alley is incredibly patient. Coming from the house’s second floor, the cat mom was about to reach down to the basement when she heard one of her kittens struggling.

She immediately returned to help her offspring.

Because it lacked self-assurance and had a healthy fear of heights, the kitten was hesitant to take the first step down the staircase. Consequently, his mother sat down patiently below to support and motivate her baby.

The TikTok sequence that was uploaded by @catastrophiclives includes an audio recording of the exchange that took place between the two felines. Its caption reads

“Mama teaching kitten with cute chitchat”

Instead of scooping the child up by the scruff of his neck or picking up the baby’s cries, the older cat soothes the kitty with a soothing meow when it cries out. She waits for him to find the courage to descend.

The kitten follows his mother’s guidance

The little black kitten had a moment of doubt, but after a few seconds, it made up its mind and faced the staircase. To be fair, the steps were relatively tall for an animal his size.

Even more endearing is how the cat mother expresses her pride when her kitten tackles the challenge. The mother congratulates her child by licking the top of its head. A well-deserved praise.

This publication impacted Tiktokers, who couldn’t help but gush. It has been seen more than 2.5 million times in less than three weeks. Besides, it has prompted a variety of exchanges.

One commenter analyzed the events, wondering:

“Did Mama assume the feeding position as an encouragement to get the baby to come down to her? Very smart if she did. 🥰”

Another user, @Kelley, expressed her frustration, writing:

“I don’t get why people say that cats only meow to communicate with humans. They obviously talk to each other!”

Viewers agreed on the clip’s cuteness and the feline mother’s outstanding parenting skills. One exclaimed:

“Such a good MAMA. Encouraging her baby, then rewarding the baby with affection when she climbs down the first step!😘 Cats can teach us so much,”

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