A woman and her daughter save kittens thrown in a tied garbage bag on the street

A woman made an appalling discovery in her building trash bin. A litter of kittens was crying in a tightly knotted plastic bag.

The shocked resident pulled the babies out and brought them home. Later, an animal welfare association launched an investigation to find the circumstances and culprits of such a careless act.

It all started when a resident was running errands with her daughter. The girl heard strange whimpers.

When she located the origin of the noise, a blue garbage bag across the street, the little girl ran to open it. There was a pile of plastic waste and other rejects.

The resident dug into the pile and found a woven sack. Inside the sack were four kittens cramped together. Sickened, the woman quickly extracted the kitties from their plastic prison.

But, sadly, one of the critters had already died. Subsequently, the resident carried the remaining babies home. This wasn’t her first act of generosity towards stray animals.

She had recently welcomed a stray cat mother and her litter. Unfortunately, all the children died unexpectedly.

The good Samaritan placed the three newly found critters close to her rescue ginger car. This grieving mother was more than happy to nurse the babies.

Still, the woman wondered who could have thrown the kittens away. So, with the help of an animal welfare team, they went around the neighborhood for answers.

Looking for answers regarding the rescue kittens

The investigation team asked residents if they had recently seen a stray cat mother with her offspring. Although revolted by the story, many neighbors had no relevant information.

However, one resident told the investigators an intriguing story. One of her friends welcomed a post-partum stray cat and her children into her house.

Strangely, the litter just vanished one day. When enquired, the friend confirmed the story adding that the stray mother also left after missing her kittens.

This woman had a picture of the wandering stray cat, whose dark gray haircoat resembled the kittens found in a trash bag. A coincidence? Improbable, thought the investigators.

Nevertheless, they searched for the mother without results. While they were looking, a neighbor gave a crucial piece of information.

Indeed, the blue garbage bag where the rescue kittens were found was usually distributed to street sweepers by the city council. These plastic bags were not for sale in grocery stores, meaning a random citizen wouldn’t have them.

Perhaps, the local street sweeper in service had inadvertently put the kittens in the bag and thrown them. Yet, the worker denied it.

As he sorted the garbage, he wouldn’t have put living kittens in a bag and tied them without noticing. The mystery remained unsolved.

The truth comes out

Faced with another dead end, the research team opted for a radical solution: to review surveillance camera footage in the relevant street.

The images showed a man parking his bike next to a blue garbage bag on the street. The citizen took a woven sack out and dumped it in the blue bag, pushing it down.

Then, he tied the blue garbage bag into a dense knot before leaving on his bike. Moments later, the rescuer’s daughter arrived with her mother to retrieve a litter of kittens.

For the team, the culprit was unmistakable. And the clue to track him down was his bike. Following an extensive search, they eventually found the man.

As the culprit showed no remorse, the investigation filed a complaint to the police to prevent future acts of animal cruelty.

Meanwhile, the informant vowed to raise the rescue kittens until she found families for them.

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