Mom escapes capture then goes back for her babies taken to the shelter

A mother kitten in California was determined to get back to her kittens after they were taken to a shelter. The 10-day-old kittens had just 15 minutes left before they were euthanized there.

They were found in a yard, but their mother was able to escape capture. The kittens wound up in the care of a Downey, California shelter.

Their staff contacted Alissa Smith, co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, desperate for help. A networking group worked together to get the cats out of the shelter.

Stepping in for mom

Another person named CJ drove the litter all the way to Ventura County, where Wrenn Rescues was located.

Jenifer Hurt, the organization’s other co-founder, and a volunteer named Ashley took turns with their frequent bottle feedings.

The two women were prepared to continue these duties until the kittens were weaned and able to eat on their own.

“The kittens were very obviously well taken care of by their cat mama. When orphaned kittens land into the shelter, they don’t usually see their mama again,” Alissa told Love Meow. “Another important reason to leave kittens where they are found (and wait for the mom), instead of taking them to the shelter.”

But the kittens’ own mother wasn’t about to give up on her babies. She returned to the home where her babies were taken and allowed herself to be caught.

The mother was then taken to the rescue where her babies were. The momma cat was very shy and refused to come out until she laid eyes on one of her babies.

“I held a baby up to her and she visibly calmed down. We coaxed her out of the carrier with it,” Ashley said. “She went right over and curled up in the middle of her kittens, purring. They all went right to her, and started nursing.”

Mom reunited

The kitty family couldn’t have been happier to be reunited again. Especially mom, who was making biscuits with her paws while she fed her babies.

“I don’t think we have ever seen something so heartwarming,” Alissa said. “So unbelievable that this miracle occurred. To say that the reunion went well is an understatement.”

And the kitties sure were glad to have their momma back. While the organization does everything it can to ensure that its orphaned kitties are happy and well taken care of, it’s not the same as being in the care of their actual mom.

“Nothing we can do compares to the blissful feeling of having a mama lying next to them,” Ashley said. “She is a patient mom and her gratitude to be back with her kittens is palpable. These are the happiest and luckiest babies.”

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