Sick premature kitten transforms into healthy and playful “energizer bunny”

Raisin was a tiny black kitten who looked like…well, a raisin. She was so small because she had been born a couple of weeks premature.

In April, Raisin was taken to her foster home with Rory to the Rescue, a nonprofit organization that specializes in the rescue and fostering of neonatal, or newborn, kittens.

Raisin was one of the toughest cases they could get, a tiny, vulnerable kitten who should have still been developing inside her mom but was instead out in the world on her own.

Tiny fighter

Raisin’s rescue mom introduced her on Instagram when she was about a week old. Raisin had been causing a lot of worry since she needed so much help.

According to her rescue mom, she was only half the size of other kittens born on the same day, and for premature kittens like this, the “odds are not in their favor.” But Raisin had managed to pull through for a whole week, an incredible accomplishment for her.

Two black newborn kittens, one twice as big as the other
Raisin (left) was only half the size of this other kitten born on the same day. Pic credit: @rorytotherescue/Instagram

Things started to get difficult again when Raisin got sick. She was having bad diarrhea, so her foster mom tested her for panleuk, a serious viral disease for cats. She tested positive.

This was terrible news, since she was already so vulnerable, and now she was very sick. But her rescue mom was still hopeful. She said:

“Her spirits are high and I’ve been tube feeding her every 2 hours, so I’m super hopeful she’ll see this through! No matter what, I’m so grateful for each and every minute that goes by that she’s here. To say she’s a fighter is an understatement!”

Raisin was a tiny premature kitten, and now she had a serious sickness. But, like her rescue mom said, she was a fighter, and in only a few months she went through a miraculous transformation.

Beautiful energizer bunny

In July, Raisin’s rescue mom posted an update about her on Instagram. Raisin had survived panleuk and grown into the most beautiful kitten, who looked like a strong black panther with her soft, silky black fur. She had been spayed and was ready to find someone to adopt her.

Black cat with shaved belly and recovery cone around head
Raisin after her spaying surgery, ready to receive adoption applications. Pic credit: @rorytotherescue/Instagram

Raisin had also transformed into the most playful kitten. Her rescue mom said:

“She is an energizer bunny, so full of energy and love! This silly girl definitely needs a home with another playful cat as she loves to run around and play all day.”

In addition to playing all day, Raisin also liked to snuggle at night, cuddling up under the blankets or on the pillow next to your head.

Raisin was quickly adopted into her perfect forever home, and her rescue mom was so proud of her. She said:

“I can’t even express how special this girl is. She is by far one of my biggest fostering achievements, and I can’t help but smile whenever I look at her!”

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