Couple builds house for stray cat then adopt him when he’s ready

Some people have so much love in their hearts that they don’t mind sharing it with others. That’s how stray cat Ziggy ended up with his very own house and, eventually, a home.

Renee built a large catio for her cats Gerrie and Loki so they could be outside but still be safe. One day she noticed another cat wandering up to say hello to Gerry and Loki. He also wanted to see what this catio thing was all about.

Renee assumed he belonged to a family in the neighborhood. However, she later learned he was a stray that had been roaming the area for years.

Tiny new home

Renee couldn’t bear the thought of this poor kitty not having a home where he was safe. So, she named him Ziggy and started to leave food for him.

Since Ziggy was wary of being touched, Renee decided to build him his own tiny house so that he could stay warm when winter came.

Ziggy absolutely loved his house, along with all the food left for him inside. It wasn’t long before he started to warm up to Renee.

“After a few weeks of feeding, I could finally touch him while he was eating,” Renee told The Dodo. “But as soon as he finished his food, he didn’t want to be touched.”

Renee had hoped that Ziggy would one day come and live with her and her cats where he would be comfortable and loved. But she didn’t want to push him.

For the love of Ziggy

The day finally came when it was a necessity to take Ziggy in. She found Ziggy injured and in need of medical attention inside his house. They had no choice but to grab him and bring him to the ER.

“After he had surgery, we kept him in a separated room for a few days,” Renee said. “After a few days, we let him meet Gerrie and Loki again. Luckily they still got along, so we decided to keep Ziggy with us.”

Ziggy had no idea how sweet indoor life could be. Now he spends his days lying next to the dishwasher where it’s warm or stretching out in the sun near a window.

He also loves hanging out with his siblings Gerrie and Loki. They are his best friends.

One of their favorite pastimes is hanging out in the catio. Now the three of them keep an eye out for other strays they can help, just like Ziggy was.

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