Woman keeps visiting sad-eyed shelter cat until landlord says she can bring him home

Despite being covered in battle scars, homeless cat Bruce had the sweetest face and saddest eyes. That’s what made Sandra keep visiting him in the shelter until she was finally allowed to take him home.

The 6-year-old tabby had lived on the streets for years before being brought to the Minnesota Animal Humane Society. This poor ginger boy, who they named Bruce Willis, was beat up pretty bad.

He was covered in scars from cat fights, had chipped teeth, an eye injury, and was FIV positive. Still, somehow he was the most loving and affectionate cat.

Looks to swoon for

Bruce would turn into a puddle and purr like crazy when he was held. Whenever someone would come into the shelter, he would flash his big sad eyes and show off his big cheeks to try and woo potential adopters.

Those swoon-worthy looks are exactly what Sandra fell in love with when she first laid eyes on Bruce in a Facebook post. Even though her landlord didn’t allow pets, she was compelled to visit him at the shelter.

Sandra’s heart leapt when she was able to look into those big eyes in person. Unfortunately, she had to go home heartbroken because of her landlord’s decree.

But Sandra still felt a strong connection with Bruce. She kept checking the shelter’s website, hoping that a loving family took him home.

Instead, she learned that he had a respiratory infection. So, she went to visit him again.

And then she kept visiting him. Once Bruce had been in the shelter for a month without finding a forever home, Sandra decided that there could only be one reason for that.

Making exceptions

This was because she was meant to be Bruce’s forever home. She sent her landlord a picture of Bruce and begged her landlord to make an exception.

Anyone would have trouble saying no to that sweet face and those puppy dog/cat eyes. So, naturally, the landlord allowed it. Sandra said Bruce seemed to know he was “home” when they arrived at her house.

“He didn’t stop purring all night. Since that day, he’s been following me around no matter where I go,” Sandra told Love Meow.

Home life was a lot different than shelter life and way different than street life. It was an adjustment to realize that he no longer had to fight for food and safety.

All he had to do was relax and be loved. Since he no longer had to protect himself, he made sure to protect his momma.

“He came into the bathroom when I was showering one day, and looked at me and started meowing as if he was trying to call for help to rescue me from the water,” Sandra said.

But Bruce has gotten used to home life and likes to hang around purring up a storm. He went from looking like one of the saddest cats ever to one of the happiest.

Bruce even has his own Instagram account now. You can check him out at @mrwillisthecat.

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