Naughty cat breaks the TV so family will pay attention to him

Vito is the king of his household and demands to be the center of attention. The tabby cat was tired of the TV taking his family’s attention away from him and took matters into his own hands.

Vito destroyed his nemesis and broke the TV while the family was watching a soccer game. It put the attention right back on him, just like he planned.

Though he may have gotten some negative attention for being naughty… attention is still attention when it comes to Vito.

Victory for Vito

He still sees it as a victory. Vito pretty much always does want he wants, when he wants, according to his owner Valentina Colombo.

And what Vito mostly wants is attention. And he’s willing to gain that attention by any means necessary.

It often becomes an inconvenience for his family. Trying to do chores and get things around the house MUST involve Vito. If it doesn’t, he will find a way to insert himself, so the focus is on him.

For example, when Colombo and her family try to do the laundry, Vito will sit right on top of the drying rack. Trying to get anything done on the computer is extremely difficult since Vito will often plop himself right on the keyboard.

Trying to have a relaxing bath is out of the question when Vito wrestles away your bath bomb and refuses to give it back. Vito had been plotting against the family TV for some time. He’s unsuccessfully attacked it in the past.

After all, it’s the one thing in the house that takes the most attention away from him. And this time, he was victorious. Colombo and her brother were watching the soccer when Vito walked in with his plan of surprise attack.

He jumped on the TV stand and started nuzzling up against it. This was a clear tactic to distract the siblings from his ultimate plan with his cuteness.

Then he struck out by biting the corner of the TV, delivering a fatal blow. A bright line appeared in the middle of the TV screen right at the point where Vito bit it, causing half of the screen to become distorted.

“Nooooooo!” Colombo can be heard crying out in her video.

Only one Vito

“I never imagined that he was going to bite it and, no less, break the TV,” Colombo told The Dodo. “We were shocked. We couldn’t believe it.”

Apparently, Vito has zero regrets. His plan worked perfectly. Now, all the attention is back on him. At least until the family gets him a new TV. His family just chalks up his naughtiness to Vito being Vito. They can get another TV, but they can’t get another Vito.

“I can’t get mad at him for this,” Colombo said. “We have a lot of love for him. He will always be our baby.”

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