Meet Daisy, the senior kitty who overcame medical problems to live her best life

In one of our articles, you’ve already met BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” a rescue cat turned social media influencer. Now say hello to Daisy, another cat in BenBen’s family with a story of her own.

Like BenBen, Daisy was a rescue cat. She joined the family early this year when her humans decided to foster her and adopt her if she liked them enough. She was an old cat but very sweet and filled with plenty of energy and attitude.

Daisy’s story

Daisy was between 12 and 15 years old when she was found as a stray. She was tiny and underweight, and she shouldn’t have been out on the streets.

When her owners heard her story, they knew that they had to help, so they brought her into their home to foster and hopefully adopt. Luckily, all her other cat siblings accepted her, and they’re getting along just fine.

Medical problems

Daisy came with a lot of medical problems. She faced a lot of complications, but her most serious opponent was a urinary tract infection. After many vet visits, they were able to figure out what was wrong with her and how to treat it in the best way.

At one point, Daisy had to stay several days at the vet. Her owners were sad to be separated, but they knew it was the best thing for her. When they visited her, it lifted their spirits. They said:

“It was great visiting her; she instantly remembered us! We brought smells from home and her favorite catnip toy! The vet team says she’s eating 3+ times a day and living in a full room of quiet, napping bliss!”

Senior cat at the vet
Daisy at the vet. She’s a real fighter! Pic credit: @benbencatcat/Instagram

They were so happy when she was able to come home and rediscover all her favorite places around the house. By this point they had officially adopted her.

Daisy living her best life

Daisy had a relapse and got another urinary tract infection, but it was more mild this time, and she was able to beat it again. She was a fighter. Her owners said:

“She’s old. She’s a medical nightmare. But she still lives her best life.”

She truly lives her best life. She’s a very vocal cat who loves to talk with her “scritchy” meows. She loves finding the best places to nap around the house, following the sunbeams and sleeping in them.

Daisy also has plenty of spunk and plays with toys like she’s still a kitten. She likes her fur to be vacuumed, and she demands that her owners vacuum her before anything else in the house.

One of Daisy’s favorite activities is her daily walk and run with her human dad near her house. She likes chasing him for as long as she can keep up. Her owners said:

“We don’t know how much time she has left with us, but we’re gonna make…sure it’s the best time she can possibly have.”

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