Over 150 cats were rescued from a terrible animal hoarding situation

Last month, local authorities rescued 150 cats from a house in Connecticut. Animal control received an anonymous phone call for a wellness check for cats in a home in Winsted, Connecticut.

Animal hoarding revealed

Upon arrival, this wellness check turned into a full-on rescue mission. The Winsted/Winchester animal control officer found more than 150 cats inside the home in various states of health.

The cats were found in an animal-hoarding environment, making it unsanitary and unsafe for living. Additionally, eight people, two dogs, and a ferret shared the house with the brood of cats.

Rescue mission

About one week after the initial visit, town authorities and local animal control took action to remove the 150+ cats, more than a dozen felines needed emergency care.

Unfortunately, one cat did not survive as it was euthanized the first night.

A majority of the cats rescued from the hoarder’s home have been taking up temporary residence in a local school. The Batcheller School located in Winsted, Connecticut now serves as a temporary shelter for these cats.

The two dogs and ferret have since found new homes; however, the local town is looking for help.

A tortoiseshell cat in a cage.
One of 150 cats that were rescued from a hoarder’s home in Winsted, Connecticut. Pic credit: @Patch.com/Website

Help Wanted

The town manager, Josh Kelly, of Winchester, CT, is asking for helping hands with volunteers and food supplies. Most importantly, the town is looking for monetary donations to support ongoing care for these cats in need.

Since rescuing the cats from the hoarder’s home, the town manager has organized an adoption event. The event took place on June 27th to spread the word about these cats needing homes. However, more than 60 cats continue to need homes.

Two cats sit in separate cages in a school auditorium.
Helping hands, food, and supplies are needed to help cats rescued from an animal hoarding environment in Winchester, Connecticut. Pic credit: @Patch.com/Website

Cat adoption

Measures have been taken to help ensure cats are rehomed responsibly, all applicants must complete an application with a reference check.

They want potential owners to have a commitment to spaying or neutering their pets and seek a vet for preventative care.

Giving back

Good-hearted people in the community have donated plenty of food and supplies. However, monetary donations to pay for medical care are needed most of all.

The intent is to have the cats moved on to homes where they can thrive in their new environment.

If you are looking to adopt a cat in need and ready for a lifelong commitment, you can contact the Winchester town manager Josh Kelly for more information at: [email protected], there is no fee for adoption.

A Calico cat in a cage.
A rescued calico cat awaits her forever home. Pic credit: @Patch.com/Website

Final thoughts

Rescuing an animal and taking them into your home requires more than just giving them belly rubs and food daily. Caring for a pet requires a responsible effort to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment in addition to love.

Fortunately, one anonymous phone call led to the rescue of 150 cats who can now get a second chance at a new life.

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