This cat’s reaction to being left alone will break your heart

The lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic came with many inconveniences, to say the least. But one of the silver linings was that people had the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones and pets.

Some of these pets might have grown too accustomed to this permanent proximity. A video posted online shows how a ragdoll cat felt when left alone, even for a brief period. The absence of his mistress had a significant impact on the feline.

Swede Ida Myrin, the owner of the puss, shared the theatrical experience in a subreddit. In a post named  “I left my cat with a camera for 30 minutes and now I can never leave,” Ida explained:

“Three-year-old Ragdoll cat Isola has been living in our home since she was just three months old.”

Apart from Isola, Myrin also owns another cat. Her owner believes Isola is a lot of fun, despite her inclination to be lazy, saying:

 “While she may be spoilt and lazy, she is also incredibly loving. She never ceases to nag us for our undivided attention.”

Ida Myrin left her pet alone in her apartment for less than an hour to run errands. A hidden camera recorded the Ragdoll’s painful reaction and the subsequent footage will break your heart.

It shows Isola emerging from the empty kitchen with a leash in her mouth, looking for her owner in vain, she starts meowing somberly.

After a while, the moggy lets go of the leash and wanders around the apartment, hoping to see someone.

Dejected, she grabs the leash again, and her crying redoubles with heartbreak, as Ida explains.

“She has always been very attached to us, but lately she’s getting used to always having someone around,”

Hiding her feelings

When she saw the images, Ida initially chuckled, but then it tore her heart to see her cat strolling around aimlessly.

Of course, after such a dramatic reaction to being alone, you would expect the cat to welcome her owner home with glee, but that was not the case.

The proud Ragdoll ignored Ida entirely upon her return. Not even bothering to say hello (as she usually does), Isola simply brushed past Myrin.

The behavior might be Isola’s version of the silent treatment as punishment.

Never left alone anymore

Fortunately for Isola, she no longer has to be alone when her mistress returns to the office after the end of remote work.

In fact, Ida only left her cat alone because she had to bring her second pet to the veterinary clinic.

The isolation was just a rare occurrence. So from now on, Isola and her feline brother will purr together in the house.

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