Paralyzed shelter cat climbs kennel doors to get out of shelter

Despite being a paralyzed kitten, Indy was determined to get out of the shelter. He even found a way to climb up his cage’s door in hopes of being sprung from the shelter.

Indy Scoots, or Indy for short, was brought into the shelter when he was just 10-weeks-old. The sweet little baby had serious injuries to his hind legs and was skinny as could be.

When Michelle Fournier, a foster mom with St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Flordia, saw Indy’s story, she offered to take him in. Had he stayed in the shelter, he would have been euthanized.

Climbing up and out

Something in her heart told her that she needed to take care of him. And although she had never cared for a paralyzed cat before, she was sure going to try and give him the best care she could.

She contacted the shelter immediately, but Indy’s medical records were currently under review. She had to wait until the next day to see if she was approved to take Indy home.

Fournier was very worried about whether or not Indy was OK and properly taken care of. She knew that all her worries were for naught when she picked up her phone the next day.

“When morning came, I picked up my phone and was surprised to find a picture of Indy clinging to the bars. The people at the shelter absolutely loved him. I’m sure it is because of them that he made it through the night,” Fournier told Love Meow.

Even though Indy was being well cared for, he wanted to get out of that shelter. He climbed up those bars with just his front legs and sheer determination.

“I assured my rescue that if (I was) granted the okay to take Indy, no matter if he never walks, and no matter if he will forever need help, that I would personally make sure that he would be cared for.”

Indy warmed right up to Fournier when she took him home. She was able to help solve his stomach issues, heal his wounds, and get some mass on him.

The fact that Indy had no use of his back legs wasn’t really a big deal because he learned to scoot around the house super fast. He’s also a great climber. In his new home, Indy had playmates and made friends with Fournier’s other cats.

“Indy absolutely loves to play with all his kitty friends. He will wrestle with any cat who wants to play,” she said. “He loves to hang out in the tunnels, and scoots around with the spring toys in his mouth. Indy is just over five and a half months old now and weighs seven and a half pounds.”

Thriving, not surviving

He does need help going to the bathroom, but Fournier doesn’t mind helping him with that.

“He is easygoing and sweet, and we love him dearly. We hope that Indy will show others that paralyzed kitties can live a full, happy life.”

You can keep watching Indy’s progress on his Instagram page @indyscoots.

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