A three-legged cat inspires a man to seek mental health help and gain a new perspective on life

A man out of Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C., has found newfound inspiration and appreciation for life due to his interaction with a three-legged cat.

In a darling story by CTV News, a man named Adam describes how his three-legged cat helped him at a point in his life when he struggled with mental health. Adam acknowledged that before asking for help,coincidently the animals started showing up. 

He interpreted this as a divine sign. 

Meet Mr. Gibbles

Adam describes Mr. Gibbles as a sweetheart cat that has learned to do a few tricks despite his missing leg.

He demonstrates a few tricks with Mr. Gibbles. The first trick this witty feline learned to do was a fist bump-head bump. Adam demonstrates Mr. Gibbles abilities for the camera when they are briefly interrupted by a familiar visitor.

Flying by

A black crow, nicknamed Half-beak, flies by as if to check in with the duo as it does every day. The bird is nicknamed accordingly, as the upper part of its beak is missing.

Adam makes reference to the crow’s ability to still persevere and be brave despite its challenges. And in a moment, Half-beak departs.

As the crow departs, Adam is reminded of another pivotal moment in time when Mr. Gibbles had a visit from a mother deer missing a part of her back leg.

Her limitations did not allow her to move like other deer, so she finds ways to adapt and hop around.

Lesson learned

Witnessing all the animals that have impairments around him and interacting with them daily, reminds him, life keeps going. The animals don’t complain and dwell on what they can’t do.

cat with man holding treats
Three-legged cat Mr. Gibbles performs tricks for treats. Pic Credit: CTV News Vancouver Island/Website

They find a way to persevere and adapt, so humans can learn to do the same. Adam collects himself and demonstrates one last trick.

With a wiggle of his fingers, Mr. Gibbles responds and gives Adam a double paw touch with each paw before getting a well-deserved treat.

The daily interactions with Mr. Gibbles and the animals that visit weekly, provide Adam with a fresh perspective to appreciate the little things and focus on the positive. Instead of harping on the negative, remember be thankful and grateful.

Wrap up

A man enduring a difficult period in life found renewed hope and positivity through his interactions with a three-legged cat and neighborhood wildlife. Some of life’s greatest lessons learned go beyond the classroom. 

Animals teach humans to adapt to change, live life with gratitude, and spread unconditional love.

man hugs cat
Mr. Gibbles inspires Adam with a new perspective on life. Pic Credit: CTV News Vancouver Island/Website

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